Visiting Gallipoli


robin-1591052_640Gallipoli is a place steeped in history, and if you are in Istanbul or any other part of Turkey, a tour to the historic site is well worth considering. Whether you are interested in military history or not, the area has a huge amount of cultural significance and provides an eyeopening travel destination. The first world war battle for control of Hellespont strait was fought largely on the Gallipoli peninsula and it was a bloody and horrific conflict with 100,000 casualties. Today, in memorial, Gallipoli is a national park and has a huge amount of memorials across the multiple battlefields.

The easiest way is to use a company offering Gallipoli tours, this will mean that a lot of things are taken care of for you and you can follow a structured itinerary and ensure you see everything with a guide whilst you are there. The experience is very profound and is something that is recommended for people from all sorts of backgrounds, and many have relatives who fought in the war and find it very interesting to learn more about one of WW1’s key battles.

As well as the memorials, the landing beaches and the cemeteries, the area has an interesting natural history and is visually very impressive. Visiting the site is relatively simple if you are staying in Turkey’s capital and a Gallipoli tour from Istanbul can include pick up and drop off from your hotel and even light meals so you can just enjoy the ride without the stress of having to make your own way there.

Featured Business: Travel Bug Co


travelbugWho doesn’t love to travel? In the modern age, travel is easier than ever, and in a world of low cost airlines and travel deal sites and hotel price comparison, the process has become relatively simple. On top of that there is more travel inspiration via blogs and youtube channels and the chances of catching wanderlust have improved markedly too!

One inspiring company story is that of Travel Bug Co, who founded based on an ethos of not having to work a nine to five, and the fact that travel should be accessible to all. They have created a huge range for travel lovers and some quirky products for those of us who enjoy heading around the globe whenever the opportunity arises.

Tank tops, t shirts and hoodies are among their best selling products, and with such well made apparel, they are great for your next trip!

Their ethos is also to keep their designs both eye catching and straight forward and simple designs, and with so many big heartless clothing companies out there, it is very cool to see a company doing good work like this and thinking about their customers.

I love their location specific series which have designs based on certain destinations, their ‘I left my heart in Vietnam’ series for lovers of the Asian country steeped in history is particularly great.

For readers of our blog, who more than likely adore travel and all that goes with it, the designs are great for staying fashionable as well as showing the world what a travel bug you are!

Postcards, 21st Century Style


mypostcard-postkarten-app-logo-mainSending a postcard is a wonderful tradition for people on their vacations. For hundreds of years now, postcards have been a great way to send a message home from wherever you are in the world and let people know how your trip is going, as well as giving them a photo from wherever you are in order to keep. The excitement of sending or receiving a postcard is a wonderful thing, but it has started to die in recent years.

The revival of postcards has been digital, and companies like mypostcard who have a website and an app designed to help you to digitize the process, and change the whole process of sending a postcard. As well as being easier to do via the my postcard app, the whole experience can be even more exciting as you can make it personal. Instead of sending a photo of a random beach, send a photo of your family sitting on the bench on a beach or take your own pictures on your phone before adding filters, effects and of course your own message before you submit it for postage. No need for you to go to a post office yourself as you can do it all from the comfort of a beachside restaurant on your phone or tablet. If you have taken your laptop with you you can also do it from their site.

The process of sending a postcard has become better. Not only can you personalize but it is so much easier than it has ever been. The fact that you can send something unique to you will be even more exciting when received by your friends and family at home.

A Unique Way of Moving to Europe


riga-1380164_640Moving to Europe has a lot of appeal for so many people. The European Union means that travel around the continent is easier than it has ever been, and people can hop from city to city via many low cost air lines operating all around Europe. For many people, living in one of Europe’s cultural hives is a dream, but knowing how to make a living there can be an issue, so one company has come up with an inventive solution…

Win Profit Business allow you to enter a raffle to win a profitable company operating in the EU, with a proven track record of profit and operating over a number of years. The business is based in Riga, Latvia, an interesting place to live with connections all over the continent and all of the benefits of being one of the EU’s Nations.

Not only is the winner going to inherit a way to make money in the EU, they are going to be their own, location independent boss, and the opportunity to come to Europe and inherit a successful business to grow and enhance may have once been a pipe dream, now it can be a very real possibility. As well as the winner, there are many other prizes available as explained on their website. This is a unique competition and is well worth checking out, the prize could be well and truly life changing for the lucky individual to win the draw later in 2017. Further info and terms can be found on their site.

Benefits of a VIP Transfer in London


london-530055_640There are many reasons to visit London. It has an amazing amount of history and the capital city of England offers a huge amount in both leisure and business. Many of the biggest companies in the world have bases in the city, and the multicultural melting pot is also an amazing place to stay, and home to some of the most brilliant sights in the whole of Europe, from big Ben to the Shard to the London Eye.

If you’re landing at one of London’s airports, you’ll need to work out  how you’re going to get around, and some of the airports that serve the city aren’t very central, meaning a transfer is essential, but if you’re new to the city and don’t know your way around yet, or don’t want to handle the driving, it is best to leave it up to the pros and get a luxury transfer. This takes a huge amount of the stress out of the process. It is tough even if you aren’t driving to work out the public transport system from the airports to your destination. London is a beautiful city and if you’re going to get around on public transport you will likely end up on the tube, and in an underground system, the opportunities to soak up the sights are gone!

There are many companies offering luxury airport transfers and chauffeur services which can kick off your trip to London, whether a luxurious travel break or a business meeting, in style.

How to Raise Extra Cash for Traveling


cash-1296584_640Most people want to travel at some point in their lives, and the urge to visit new and exciting foreign lands is inbuilt within the human race. Though traveling can be one of life’s most fulfilling and amazing activities, it is also one that comes with a price tag, and especially if you want to go for a long period of time or head to somewhere exotic, the money can quickly become an issue. We’ve put together a quick guide on how you can raise some extra cash for your next trip, suitable for pretty much anyone to try and hopefully to see you jetting off to foreign lands.

Sell Stuff. I don’t necessarily mean to sell things that are precious to you, or to get rid of your car and not have transport when you get back, but a lot of us have things around the house that we wouldn’t mind selling on online stores or auction sites which allow us to get good coverage for our items and hopefully raise a fair amount of cash. Old clothes that don’t fit, video games we don’t play any more, jewellery we don’t wear, there is so much that we can pick up over the course of our lives that we don’t end up using. Another clever idea is to sell stuff on behalf of your family or friends (no, I don’t mean stealing their items). A lot of people have tons to sell but don’t have the time to list it online themselves, meaning if you did the job for them in return for a small cut of the profits, you could quickly find yourself picking up some extra cash without too much work.

Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding is often for business ideas and charities, but if you have a large and generous circle of family and friends, a lot of the time they don’t mind throwing a little cash towards your next travel adventure. Make an appealing page explaining why you’re asking for money and what you plan to do on the trip, and if it is a once in a lifetime break, aunties, uncles, friends and even strangers might be willing to contribute in some way. A lot of small donations can add up, so you don’t need to ask for much money from each of your friends.

Rent Out Your Place. If you’re lucky enough to be a homeowner, it is easier than ever to rent out your home on places like air b’n’b. This can be a great way to ensure you still have some money coming in while you’re on holiday, and even if you are only going for a couple of weeks, having someone pay to be in your apartment can take a big chunk off your travel costs. If you live in a popular area or somewhere in demand for those traveling for either leisure or business, it can be surprisingly easy to find a suitor to take over your lodgings while you make money on the go.

Hotspot: Making Roaming Charges a Thing of the Past


wifi-1264065_640We travel more than ever before. Cheap airline flights and modern technology have made it easier than ever to head to even remote parts of the world. When we land at a new destination, most of us will quickly turn off the mobile data on our phones to make sure we don’t rack up huge bills. Horror stories tell of people unknowingly spending thousands on data when traveling, and some phone tariffs are not friendly to globe trotters!

Fortunately, there are alternatives, and one of these, hotspot on the go, is tackling the problem by providing unlimited internet use for up to 10 devices whilst holidaying in one of Europe’s most popular destinations, Greece. The fact that you can connect so many devices safely means it is great for families as well as solo travellers and can provide internet in even remote areas, no need to go hunting for an internet cafe! The battery life can last around 8 hours too, so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you as soon as you get started.

As if all this weren’t enough, the company can drop off and pick up at your apartments, meaning you don’t even have to go to specific stores to collect your device. All in all, this is a truly brilliant system.

In a busy world where none of us want to be away from our email updates and news for too long, having internet access is something we all expect, and we don’t want to pay the earth for! This innovative solution is great for travellers heading to Greece.

Penang – A Jewel in Malaysia’s Crown


Malaysia is a fascinating and beautiful country split over multiple islands, one of which, Penang, we will be focusing on today. It has long been a popular destination as people from Australia (a relatively short plane ride away) and further afield head to the island. Whether you head to a chain hotel or for an authentic homestay in penang, there is so much to see and do.

  • Food – Penang has often been voted one of the best destinations in the world for food and street food, whether you have a sweet tooth and opt for the exotic fruits or you love curries and opt for the indian and asian fusion that is on offer, your taste buds will thank you!
  • Wildlife – you can head to the famous monkey beach and other sanctuaries or just enjoy the huge amount of wildlife around.
  • Beaches – Penang’s beaches are some of the most beautiful Asia has to offer, and there is a huge amount of coastline to explore, whether you want to go to an isolated and quiet beach or a busy bustling spot for water sports.
  • Weather – Malaysia is hot. There is a hurricane season but that is inevitable in such a tropical climate. If you want hot weather then somewhere like Penang is perfect.
  • Shopping – the night markets are amazing with locals selling their goods, and there are also lots of malls and world renowned brands and stores.

Malaysian accommodation is generally to a good standard and a lot of the homestays can be both affordable and provide a good base for your break in this beautiful island.

Benefits of a Private Tour


group-366355_640Taking a tour when you’re in a new city or holiday destination isn’t a new concept, and can be an amazing way to explore a new place, but there are certain times when the standard ‘out of the box’ tour that you can take isn’t enough, and there are certainly a lot of benefits to taking a private tour. What taking a private tour entails is basically having your own tour guide and potentially driver, and going out in a small party to explore the new area, this means you can go as a couple or family group for instance.

Finding a tour guide who is up to the job can be a big part of it, but certain websites offering a private tours guide have been created to provide these tours in multiple cities, and can allow you to rest assured that you have a solid professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. A good tour guide can make all the difference, and allows you to see the area in an authentic light as shown by the locals, rather than a generic tourist spiel.

A big benefit of going with a private tour guide is the fact that things are a bit less busy. Depending on the tourist attraction (some will always be very busy) but going somewhere and not having to deal with 50 or 60 people getting off the same bus and trying to get to the same vantage points can be a big advantage, and some people really struggle with big crowds, making sure you don’t have to deal with this wherever it can be avoided is a big positive.

A private tour can be personalized too, which is a big positive, for instance if you have already visited an area of a city and don’t need it to be included in your tour, you can alter it to make sure you don’t go there, and spend more time elsewhere, or if certain things don’t appeal to you, just give them a miss. Talking to the tour guide and getting a truly personalized experience can make sure you get the most out of it.

Going private as opposed to on bigger group tours also often means you can fit things in a little faster, if you don’t have so much time, not having to wait for others to finish or for group toilet breaks etc can be very helpful, so on a time restricted break, this can be beneficial, too.

On top of all of these benefits of private tours, the luxury factor is huge. Often if you’ve saved for a holiday and want to go somewhere truly special then you don’t want to spend time on buses with a huge amount of people or doing walking tours where you have to keep up with the slowest member of the party! Going at your own pace, to see things you want to see, and often in a luxurious environment such as a private vehicle with driver, can be a wonderful way to see any city or holiday destination.

Top 5 Tips for Your Lares Trek


Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 13.37.17Lares treks can be one of the most fulfilling and amazing travel experiences you ever come across. An alternative route to the ‘inca trail’ most of us have heard of, a Lares trek takes you through amazing mountains and scenery within Peru. If you want an authentic views of the andean communities and some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, this is a trip not to be missed, but there are some recommendations and things to remember before you go.

  • Get used to altitude. Luckily we can use things like altitude masks these days, and there are other trips and techniques you can use in order to get used to being at altitude, which will likely help you a lot for your Lares trek.
  • Bring a camera and spare batteries. This should be obvious, but so many people don’t account for having to bring spare batteries to keep your camera going for what is a relatively long trek, some of the most amazing photo opportunities can be missed if you’re not prepared.
  • Be ready for rain. This is inevitable, so having all of your waterproof gear on you is essential.
  • Get fit and wear good shoes. It may not be the same as running a marathon, but a little bit of fitness training and the selection of good shoes for walking distances can make sure you’re not in discomfort and can enjoy the trip to the max.
  • Protect your tech. If you’re taking a phone and camera for instance, you don’t want them to get wet, so waterproof casings are a must.