key westKey West is the southernmost city of USA appeals millions of tourists because of its stunning natural beauty and unique mixture of cultural influences. Everything in Key West entertains the visitors as itís full of interesting facts and fictions. The place is suitable for families, groups and adventure lovers. There is plenty to see and experience in the beautiful and small beaches where musical concerts, bars, restaurants and crystal water attract every eye and give a mental satisfaction by eliminating tensions and worries of daily life. Here are some attractive features of Key West which pursue the person to visit the place.

Amazing Sunset

The beautiful sunset holds a special place in the artistic world. Famous writers and photographers termed it a wonder of the world and appreciated the beauty in their writing pieces. Robert Frost lived in Key West and praised the tolerant atmosphere. The crystal water and marine life take the person close to nature and let him observe different kinds of shawls freely moving in the crystal water.


Key West is an ideal place for fishing charters as the environment remains favorable for this sport all over the year. Tarpon Bonanza, bonefish, black fin tuna, redfish, and dolphin are some common and famous species which are not only present in abundance, but also entertain the visitors. Every season comes up with different species while the proper arrangements for onshore and offshore fishing make it the best place for fishing lovers. The deep and shallow water, availability of fish equipment, and affordable charters give a chance to everyone to become a part of an amazing game.

Adventure and Fun

Key West is a heaven for adventure lovers who want to improve and check their potential with water sports. The place has the best opportunities and facilities for snorkeling, diving, surfing, and swimming. Organizations conduct underwater tours, jet ski and boat parties in order to observe the real marine life and sea beauty. The artificially sunk reef is the center of attention of divers as it has become the habitat of many marine animals.

Boats and Charters

Charter fishing and boats are readily available Key West at affordable prices. Charters, kayaks, flats and a big variety of fishing styles can be seen on the beaches while the person can also ask for a guide. The companies provide suitable boats and charters for flat fishing, deep sea fishing, light tackle fishing and backcountry fishing which are equipped with different fishing equipment. Companies give charters after evaluating the need and number of persons in order to make the trip secure.

Restaurants and Bars

The beautiful beach has more than 240 bars and restaurants which offer seasonal seafood and traditional dishes. Some international restaurants also offer Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Russian food while you also find vendors offering food at affordable rates. The presence of bars in the area make it the first choice for music and dance lovers where they can also see different exhibitions.


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