ibizaIf there is one devotion that he has made in his life, then it is tailoring exceptional pocket friendly holiday for every person.

With over twenty years’ experience in the travel industry, he has an incomparable love for holidays. He sold his Travel Club four years ago in the month of September, for close to forty million dollars to a closed investment company, this is from a report on his Travel Center

Originally from Philadelphia, he nursed the ambition of traveling globally since an early age. However, those that he narrated his ambitions to believed that traveling was exclusively for the wealthy, of which he always responded that he would do something about that as well.

Over a decade ago, he has launched, Travel Club offices in slightly above twenty cities across the country. From, Las Vegas, to Valencia in California.

If one has never heard of Travel Club, they shouldn’t get worried, it’s a current ideology, though it’s over ten years old. Many folks may have never come across it, because Travel Clubs advertisements are never in the mainstream media. What they do instead, is inviting married partners to visit them for an hour and half of presentation and in return they compensate them for their time, through offering them some traveling present”.

He says that they make use of the traveling presents though they come hand in hand with strict rules to be adhered to, and not everybody likes them. One would not just present themselves and get an air ticket for two to go whenever they please. It used to happen before, but not after the September 11 terrorist attack in America. People could easily earn entrance to movies, or even get a TV, however, the main goal is the attraction of holiday enthusiasts.

Many shoddy travel businesses have spoilt the reputation of the industry, his goal is changing this dimension by demonstrating to people that there is a possibility to manage a legit Travel Club. Claiming that timeshare has not had it smooth with all its clients, he thinks that Travel Club will be in its position in the coming times, by keeping their pros and getting rid of all cons.

His Travel Club Destination Vacations International, enjoys over one hundred thousand membership, who are awarded on full traveling apart from air tickets. The airways have high competition, with a smaller margin, therefore, saving is less. He said that they are a full service travel agent, who will do all the research, book one in an extraordinary holiday, and make huge monetary savings in the process. He likes to think that they were professionals, and that they would all look up to it with respect. However, everybody thinks they can do it themselves, on the internet. Unfortunately, they end up with lousy vacations, spending way too much on their accommodations, and have no money left over to have fun, go out to nice restaurants, and buy something to enjoy for the memory of the trip. This he said is not what their members have, his are spoiled, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

He believes that a good number of children get older without ever taking a holiday. The reason being that it’s beyond many people’s ability. He said that some of his best memories in life were those where he went for a holiday with his parents. He will always treasure them in his mind long as he is alive. Yet, he hears many people saying that they have quit going on holiday, calling it an unaffordable luxury. With him, he sees things differently, for the mentality resulted to him thinking of something to do over the issue.

Joining a DVI travel club, calls for membership entry payment, and some other charges for registration which is paid once, finally, there is a yearly payment. This results into one getting a service travel agent, where one can book all their travels at a price. DVI helps with hotel, cruising, all-included, and all that pertains to the travel industry.

Smiling, he says that he does his selling for kicks. He thinks that it is vital for families to enjoy some good time together. He does not see any single person who does not like taking a holiday, those that claim that vacations are out of reach financially, would still want to go for one if it’s paid for. Well, for him,it is his time to enjoy himself, go round the globe, and have time with his allies and family. For him it was a great run, but currently, it is time to go forward.

Once one becomes a DVI Member, their membership is not affected, they will still go ahead with being owners, keep the name, and stay, because most of those working there rarely go elsewhere, they remain with the company.

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