ldnRickshaws are maybe something you’d associate more with a bustling Asian city, but let me assure you, they’re all the rage in London! One of the world’s most beautiful and historical cities, providing a wonderful experience as you glide through the streets which are so rich in history and check out everything this beautiful city has to offer from the comfort of a rickshaw.

Unlike in some places in the world, you can’t necessarily hail down a rickshaw and have to give it a bit more thought, but you can absolutely go ahead and book a rickshaw tour with certain companies such as this exceptional London Rickshaw Tours company who offer a great experience and contact numbers so you can book your rickshaw. The tours are well thought out and you can see everything from the west end to the famous eateries and pubs of the city and even the sherlock holmes tour, these are a great way to take in the markets as well.

These rickshaw tours even offer drinks and snacks if you so wish, so they’re a relaxing experience, great for snapping photos, getting from a to b and seeing the sights. You can book a tour really easily with all the info you need on their site. It is eco friendly so you don’t need to worry about that and the company have worked with some huge brands, if you’re in advertising you can even look into advertising your brand on rickshaws in London to get your name out. A unique way to see the capital of England.

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