tbilsiGeorgia is a truly unique and wonderful country and offers a huge amount to see and do for tourists from all over the world. It may not be the top of your list for holiday destinations but Tbilisi and Georgia are fast getting a reputation for being amazing and interesting places to go, steeped in history.

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and has been for hundreds of years which basically means there’s a ton of history there for you to investigate and work your way around. In ancient times the city was situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia, and was a hotspot for trade on the Great Silk Road. Steady social trade made the town a really intriguing place which remains to this day.

There are a selection of interestng markets, as well as a load of museums to visit and learn more about the rich and interesting history. There are a number of beautiful hotels including the grand palace and some truly luxurious places to stay make this even more of an interesting proposition for people looking for somewhere to stay.

Cuisine is often a big part of a trip and Georgian food is stacked with baked goods, cheese, nuts,and a load of interesting flavors — they know how to eat and to eat proper, good wholesome food! To get used to Georgian food, and find the best, take a tour of some of the recommended restaurants in this amazing country and learn what their cuisine has to offer.

There are so many reasons to visit this fascinating country and city

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