Reasons to Rent a Car Abroad


car-872717_640There are a lot of expenses when you go on holiday, and one of these expenses is the rental car which you will likely consider if you’re used to driving in your home country, it offers you the same freedoms that you would have at home, so it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of renting a car when you head on your holidays. Whether you’re looking to rent a car Menorca or India!

Nothing ensures your holiday flexibility like being in the driver’s seat of a vehicale that you’ve rented and can drive it wherever you want. It’s invigorating, you could stop anytime, pull off to the side of the street if you see a great looking beach or even just a street vendor selling local meals, or to get a good view and photos of the scenery.

So mass travel on buses is moderately priced and frequently simple to find your way around and you can find the listings locally, it’s called mass travel for a reason-it takes you where everyone wants to go. Getting to a town off the beaten track is quite close unthinkable without your own particular auto.

Times is also an issue, public transport is likely to run during the day, and at certain times, so you have to stick to your schedule, having your own rental means you can go out for the evening and not have to worry, plus sometimes it is fun to drive, especially if it is a location which is nice to look at!

Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide

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rinjaniIndonesia is a truly stunning country, something of a gem in Asia with a huge variation of flora and fauna and a wonderful amount of scenery, including volcanoes and truly stunning sights such as this, mount Rinjani. The second highest volcano in Indonesia, it is now protected by a national park and the surroundings are among the best views in the whole of Asia. So no wonder then that people want to trek the volcano, the Mount Rinjani Trek has become one of the things on to do lists everywhere when people are holidaying or backpacking in Indonesia.

Of course, an active volcano is not an easy place to start trekking so it is important that you know what you are doing and have some experience beforehand, precautions need to be taken and the best way to do the trek is with a guide. The temperatures can vary greatly and it can even get very cold if you’re spending a night out in it. The hiking is best for those who are in shape but it can be a hugely fun experience, not to mention that once you reach the top it is one of the most peaceful and serene environments you’re ever likely to experience as well as having godly views. The experience can be verging on spiritual.

Be sure to check out the trekking guides and services before you go, this is not something to attempt without help, but having someone there to show you the way, help with food and drink etc. can be a great help!

Finding Villas for sale Maspalomas


maspalomasThe canary islands are a beautiful set of islands, with an amazing history and some stunning sights to see, as well as having a volcanic base, the islands are extremely hot due to their proximity with Africa, and though they are Spanish Colonized, they’re among the hottest places to visit in the whole of Europe, making them a tourist favorite for people from other parts of Europe and beyond.

Today we’re focusing on villas from Maspalomas, in Gran Canaria, which has become a really popular place to retire to, buy a second home or start a property empire. Finding Villas in a place like this, especially if you’re shopping from elsewhere in the world can be tough, but there are some great websites showing villas for sale Maspalomas and elsewhere in the Islands.

The island offers some truly stunning beaches, friendly locals, excellent nightlife and more, and there are even sand dunes to go and explore there. Relaxing on the beaches or in some of the tourist resorts (or better, your own villa) is the perfect way to unwind! The villas which you’ll find for sale are often built with a Mediterranean feel to them, the luxury ones have pools which are perfect for relaxing and cooling off after some of the heady temperatures you’re likely to experience.

Whether you’re looking for a villa to buy for yourself or rent out, buying one in the Canary Islands is definitely an exciting prospect and finding one in Maspalomas can be easier if you follow this process.

Why You Should Always Take a Dash Cam on Long Trips


key largoDashboard cameras have become huge in recent years and tons of cars now come with them as standard, but the chances are if you don’t have a brand new, top of the line car, then you may have to purchase one, so are they worth it? When would you use it? Why do people utilize these products in their vehicles?

Whatever you think, it is hard to deny the popularity of the products, whether you’re talking about a trucker, taxi driver or just the normal driver, the products have proved to have a real value to the user. I have checked out a lot of info on the benefits of the best dash cams on and am a big fan of them!

So why take them on long journeys and road trips?

  1. If anything happens, you have evidence of it, whether it is a car scrape, a bad accident or a theft, even something that happens to someone in front of you, the footage that your car takes can be key and even can end up being evidence and keeping your no claims bonus in tact if something should happen, which we all hope doesn’t, but have to be prepared for.
  2. The footage can be really fun! If you’re in the car on a long road trip with friends, whether you have just one pointing out of the car or you have a double dash cam, you can capture some amazing, funny or just beautiful sights from your dashboard camera.
  3. Some insurance companies offer a discount. This is of course at the discretion of the insurance company but due to the fact it can provide evidence, some companies have started giving discounts to those willing to install and use these products.

They’re not always the cheapest products, but a dash cam can definitely pay for itself if you travel a lot in the car!

Reasons to Visit Greece and the Greek Islands


santorini-766677_640When looking for holiday destinations in Europe, Greece and its many fascinating islands are often overlooked, but there is so much to see and do in the country and so many benefits to visiting, some of which we’re exploring in this article.

Firstly, it is in the Med! The Mediterranean sea hosts many of Europe’s finest seaside destinations and stunning beaches and Greece, having so many Greek Islands, has a huge amount of coastline, meaning so many beaches which you can explore, both busy and lively and quiet and secluded.

Greek cuisine is another massive benefit of going to the country. Their food has become more and more popular in recent years as Greek restaurants pop up around North America and other countries around the world, famous dishes such as Moussaka, Stifado and more are cooked authentically in Greek tavernas, well worth visiting.

Many Aegean islands also offer famous nightlife, depending on where you want to go! There is something for everyone.

My personal favorite plus point about Greece travel is the fact that there is so much history. Ancient Greece and even Mythology have led to a huge amount of artefacts and interesting sights to see, as well as tours of stunning places and historical venues. People have studied Ancient Greece for a lifetime and still are left with stories to explore, the culture is one which you can always find something new and intriguing to explore.

A hot, beautiful country with so much historical relevance is a wonderful choice for many holidaymakers, and Greece should not be overlooked!

Why Hunting is a Good Hobby While Traveling

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animal-17760_640Are you considering taking up hunting as a hobby? Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest hobbies in the world, of course it comes from necessity but nowadays the hobby is more designed for adventure and sport as well as being a great way to see the world.

As someone who loves travel, the world of hunting can be tied in to your trips and some people even venture abroad in order to find hunting retreats and opportunities to hunt in new and exciting locations. The trips can even be a spiritual experience and particularly North America is renowned for its hunting community.

The hobby has benefits too, it can develop a character and teach skills such as patience and attention to detail as well as hand eye coordination and the incorporation of camping and even survival skills.

The hobby requires equipment, which you can find detailed reviews of over at one of our favorite sites, – a detailed website which includes hunting reviews and information as well as adventure and climbing which are often incorporated with this type of hobby.

Hunters are renowned for being passionate and skilled and the process of learning can be very good for people of different ages and genders, however you should always ensure you are practising the hobby legally and hunting only what is allowed. Organized hunting trips can be great for sticking to the regulations whilst enjoying the sights and traveling alongside your new found passion! Experienced hunters will tell you just how rewarding it can be.



Holiday groomDescription: Pack these grooming products to look your best at the beach vacation.

1. Face moisturizer

Face moisturizer is one of an essential grooming products you will need during your holiday. Since you need to preserve precious space in your suitcase, look for a moisturizing product with extra properties like matting and sun protection. According to experts at NYC Barbershop, multi-tasker is a perfect solution for a perfect vacation.

2. Lip balm

Seawater and heat can make your lips feel dry and cracked, which doesn’t look very attractive; for this reason, you should definitely pack a hydrating balm with you. Since your lips don’t have a skin pigment responsible for the sun protection, they are at the highest risk of damage; therefore, it’s important to use a lip balm, which creates a barrier against harmful UV rays.

3. Clarifying shampoo

Can your hair deal with the heat, salt, and sand at the same time? Oops, I forgot to add styling products to the list. A buildup isn’t something your mane wants to deal with, especially when the weather conditions are so challenging. A clarifying shampoo can help you to keep your hair squeaky clean and free of the unneeded elements.

3. Grooming clay

You will definitely need a styling product for giving your hair the desired look and shape. What should choose from a variety of products on the shelf, though? Experts at NYC Barbershop recommend giving preference to a grooming clay for a holiday. This product has a lightweight formula and matte finish, and these factors are of great importance for a beach vacation.

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Finding Hotels in Ibiza


ibizaIbiza is a beautiful mediterranean country with a great history, but these days it is known for being one of the most impressive and fun places to visit to party and have fun with friends. The country has different benefits though, and it isn’t all about partying, with some tranquil and beautiful areas where you can also have a quiet holiday.

The hotels which can be expected when you are visiting Ibiza can vary a great deal, from your standard rooms designed just to be a base to sleep in, to some amazing luxurious hotels which are fit for a king. Many of the buildings have a traditional mediterranean style with more amenities than some of the counterparts such as Greece. The fact that this has long been a holiday favorite means holiday companies have provided some incredible destinations which can be bought in a package deal or found once you arrive in the island.

Apps such as this Hotels in Ibiza application can provide you with tons of great information as well as being able to find a hotel to suit your budget and somewhere to rest your head ready for another night on the tiles.

Whether you’re visiting Ibiza to see the scenes or whether you’re going for the nightlife and atmosphere, be sure you get the best holiday and hotel deal you can and take some time to research where you’ll be staying, nobody wants their holiday ruined by a poor hotel or not having somewhere nice to stay and look forward to.