Holiday groomDescription: Pack these grooming products to look your best at the beach vacation.

1. Face moisturizer

Face moisturizer is one of an essential grooming products you will need during your holiday. Since you need to preserve precious space in your suitcase, look for a moisturizing product with extra properties like matting and sun protection. According to experts at NYC Barbershop, multi-tasker is a perfect solution for a perfect vacation.

2. Lip balm

Seawater and heat can make your lips feel dry and cracked, which doesn’t look very attractive; for this reason, you should definitely pack a hydrating balm with you. Since your lips don’t have a skin pigment responsible for the sun protection, they are at the highest risk of damage; therefore, it’s important to use a lip balm, which creates a barrier against harmful UV rays.

3. Clarifying shampoo

Can your hair deal with the heat, salt, and sand at the same time? Oops, I forgot to add styling products to the list. A buildup isn’t something your mane wants to deal with, especially when the weather conditions are so challenging. A clarifying shampoo can help you to keep your hair squeaky clean and free of the unneeded elements.

3. Grooming clay

You will definitely need a styling product for giving your hair the desired look and shape. What should choose from a variety of products on the shelf, though? Experts at NYC Barbershop recommend giving preference to a grooming clay for a holiday. This product has a lightweight formula and matte finish, and these factors are of great importance for a beach vacation.

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