key largoDashboard cameras have become huge in recent years and tons of cars now come with them as standard, but the chances are if you don’t have a brand new, top of the line car, then you may have to purchase one, so are they worth it? When would you use it? Why do people utilize these products in their vehicles?

Whatever you think, it is hard to deny the popularity of the products, whether you’re talking about a trucker, taxi driver or just the normal driver, the products have proved to have a real value to the user. I have checked out a lot of info on the benefits of the best dash cams on and am a big fan of them!

So why take them on long journeys and road trips?

  1. If anything happens, you have evidence of it, whether it is a car scrape, a bad accident or a theft, even something that happens to someone in front of you, the footage that your car takes can be key and even can end up being evidence and keeping your no claims bonus in tact if something should happen, which we all hope doesn’t, but have to be prepared for.
  2. The footage can be really fun! If you’re in the car on a long road trip with friends, whether you have just one pointing out of the car or you have a double dash cam, you can capture some amazing, funny or just beautiful sights from your dashboard camera.
  3. Some insurance companies offer a discount. This is of course at the discretion of the insurance company but due to the fact it can provide evidence, some companies have started giving discounts to those willing to install and use these products.

They’re not always the cheapest products, but a dash cam can definitely pay for itself if you travel a lot in the car!

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