rinjaniIndonesia is a truly stunning country, something of a gem in Asia with a huge variation of flora and fauna and a wonderful amount of scenery, including volcanoes and truly stunning sights such as this, mount Rinjani. The second highest volcano in Indonesia, it is now protected by a national park and the surroundings are among the best views in the whole of Asia. So no wonder then that people want to trek the volcano, the Mount Rinjani Trek has become one of the things on to do lists everywhere when people are holidaying or backpacking in Indonesia.

Of course, an active volcano is not an easy place to start trekking so it is important that you know what you are doing and have some experience beforehand, precautions need to be taken and the best way to do the trek is with a guide. The temperatures can vary greatly and it can even get very cold if you’re spending a night out in it. The hiking is best for those who are in shape but it can be a hugely fun experience, not to mention that once you reach the top it is one of the most peaceful and serene environments you’re ever likely to experience as well as having godly views. The experience can be verging on spiritual.

Be sure to check out the trekking guides and services before you go, this is not something to attempt without help, but having someone there to show you the way, help with food and drink etc. can be a great help!

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