hainanese_chicken_riceIt May Seem Simple, but It is Delicious

Hainanese chicken rice is one of Singapore’s national dishes. While it is not the most instagram – worthy looking meal, it is flavorful and worth traveling half – way around the world for.

The dish is a chicken lovers dream come true. It is boiled chicken, rice that is cooked in chicken broth and a small side of chili sauce infused with chicken. It is then served along with a bowl of chicken soup.

The simplicity of the dish comes from its origins. In the middle of the 19th Century, the Hainanese people began immigrating to Singapore. Since they spoke a diffierent dialect than the other Chinese immigrants they were marginalized. Most Hainanese ended up becoming servants for the British colonists or working in the food industry. This included being cooks for the British. The Hainanese served the British chicken rice because it was something the British would eat.

Then during World War II the Japanese forced the British out. So the Hainanese lost their main source of income. This was when the first chicken rice restaurant was opened. Some of these restaurants from the 1940s are still open today. 

One of the best places to go for this classic dish is actually at food stall called Tian Tian. It has been making the dish for over 30 years. What makes the dish taste so good is the mix of flavors. The fatness from the chicken and then the freshness from the ginger and lemongrass from the rice are delightful for the taste buds along with the flavor from the chili sauce.

While this dish looks simple it is rich with both flavor and history. This dish alone is reason enough to make a trip to Singapore, so book your flight today.

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