Traveling to Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands, Fiji


sea-696731_640Fiji is one of the most stunning parts of the world. An archipelago of islands with over 300 islands in total, and over 100 of these are inhabited. The word ‘paradise’ is thrown around a bit too much when it comes to travel, but truly, some of these islands fit the bill. White beaches with beautiful sand and stunning cobalt seas, full of coral reefs and watersports to explore, this is an amazing place to visit should the opportunity ever arise. The fact that there are many different islands means there is always something new to visit, and each island tends to have its own villages and settlements with their own traditions, there is so much to learn about the way of life both now and historically in this collection of islands full of a rich and exciting history.

The glorious Yasawa Islands are some of the most stunning. This chain of around 20 ancient islands is remote, old fashioned and definitely offers a huge amount of culture. The islands are absolutely a standout amongst the most amazing districts of the Fijian islands. Forged years prior by volcanoes, the southern islands of Kuata and Waya Lailai are around 600 metres over sea level and offer some of the most stunning views, flora and fauna you’re likely to find.

A number of islands are home to customary small settlements and towns and it’s these individuals who make Fiji what it is. There are quite a few resorts around the islands, generally Fijian run, meaning authenticity is easy to find and the locals are known for being friendly and helpful.

The Mamanuca Islands, not far from Denarau, are impeccable and beautiful little islands with golden shores and exotic flora such as palm trees. These islands offer some of the clearest seas you’re ever likely to see, coral reefs and plenty for tourists to do, as snorkelling and swimming are popular activities which you can arrange when you’re there. If you want to have an adventure and explore lots of different places as well as be a daredevil and participate in lots of activities, you can do that in Fiji, and if you just want to sit on a beach sipping a cold drink, the islands are just as well suited.

Traveling around can prove a little bit of a challenge, but it is made a lot easier by the seaplanes which are available. These seaplanes mean you can reach where you want to go to from centralized airports, and also mean that it is simple to see more than one island, and say you wanted to split your trip up, you could get a seaplane such as one from Turtle Airways from one island to another. Getting to remote islands is a bit of a challenge, but is made easier by these services, and is certainly worth it.

A trip to Fiji is definitely one that should be on the ‘bucket list’ and is somewhere well worth visiting at some point in your life, offering some of the most stunning views you’re likely to experience in your whole life.

Where Can I Find the Best Electric Scooters?


scooterAn electric scooter is a big investment, they’re not the cheapest items and unless you’ve got money to throw around, buying one is something you’re likely to give quite a lot of thought before you take the plunge, so how can you make sure the best electric scooter for you is the one you actually end up ordering or buying in person?

The first thing to consider is the fact that you should work out what you’re looking for, do you want speed? Reliability? Long battery life? A mix of all the best features? Also considering your size, and whether it is being bought for a kid or adult and how much weight is going to be handled on it. Do you want a self balancing scooter (some people call these hoverboards) or do you want something with a handle for added stability?

Looking at reviews online is a must. If you were going to buy a car, you’d want to know what other drivers of the car had said about it, and though this isn’t quite as big a purchase, the same principal applies, luckily there are reviewers out there who have tried a lot of models of electric scooter and can give a good overview of numerous models.

Deciding on a budget, comparing features and listening to the thoughts of others are essential before purchasing, and visiting the right websites, dedicated to this exact subject, can lead you to the correct choice when it comes to the world of electric scooters.

Travelling to Worldwide Destinations: Easier Than Ever


tenerifeIn todays post we’re looking at travel that encompasses the whole globe. In this modern age it is simpler than it has ever been to head to somewhere outside of your own country or even continent and explore places you may never have thought of 10 or 20 years ago. We’re among the first generations to have this available to us, and the best travel agent out there will help you to find dream holidays and plan them to the nth degree.

The internet means that a holiday has become more easy to research, whenever I plan to take a trip, I’m always sure to discuss the trip with a travel agent, check out forums and even look at photos on Instagram or Flickr of the place I’m heading. If you really want to, you can even look at a lot of these destinations on google maps and get an idea of what it is going to look like and the layout of roads and landmarks before you even arrive.

Airlines have also made it easier, and flights continue to become more and more widespread and common, with hundreds, even thousands of planes in the air at any one time. This means you can get connecting flights and go to the other end of the world if you want to, without too much difficulty.

Our parents and grandparents did not have the luxuries available to us, and oftentimes were very restricted on where they could go on holiday, if they even could do so. Making the most of it and seeing the world is a must.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty


libertyWhen you’re in New York, especially if it is your first time, visiting the statue of liberty is an absolute must. This is arguably the most widely recognized landmark in the whole world, and its iconic status and truly stunning size and scale mean it is well worth seeing in person.

Originally a gift to the USA from the people of France, the statue is well over 100 years old now, and when you see the shear size of it, it can be hard to believe it was first built in the 1800s.

If you’re in the fine city of New York and you want to hop over to see the statue, there are a few different options for visiting. You need to get a ferry over, which does command a fee, and if you want to visit on foot then you are likely to be queuing for a while to get there, especially in peak seasons.

The easiest way to see it is a boat cruise. Some of these are even included within NYC guided bus tours which mean you can see so many of the sights all in one day, from a comfortable environment and without having to deal with finding directions and endless walking around! Are the boat cruises as good? I would say so, they can bring you to within a few feet of the statue and help you to avoid the queues and tons of tourists, great if you want to see the sights but not to battle with lots of annoying hold ups.

Finding Ski Schools in Japan


skiWhen you think about skiing, you may think about some of the European or American locations that offer skiing trips and tuition, but one of the fastest growing, and most beautiful countries to learn to ski is Japan. The Japanese have some of the most incredible mounts and peaks in the whole world, and a number of ski schools have cropped up offering to teach everyone from children to pensioners, beginners to pros.

Propeak ski school is one such example, offering ski schools which can accommodate for all sorts of ages and abilities as well as nationalities, there are lots of languages spoken in Asia and of course by the people who visit, so the tutors are multi lingual and can help out. The Niseko mountain range is one of the most stunning in Japan, and even all of asia. A quick look at their website will show that loads of people have visited the mountains and had an amazing experience, whether it is their first ski trip or they’re seasoned skiers.

Going skiing in Japan is an excellent option, and though there are many different schools and places to visit, it depends what your individual needs are and potentially which part of Japan you want to visit, with Propeak being on the Northern island. The ski school is an amazing way to not only learn the ropes but can also be one of the most stunning photo opportunities you will come across and you can wow people with photos of mountains in the background while you take to the slopes.

Magnificent DC Sites at Night


washington-dc-85531_640DC is one of the many places in the USA that doesn’t seem to sleep! In Washington or elsewhere, there is so much to see and do at almost any time of the day. If you’re a nocturnal animal or just want to make the most of the hours you’re spending in Washington or elsewhere in DC, you’re in luck, there’s plenty for you to see and do.

Of course, we need to mention the many monuments and statues in the city of Washington. They’re truly breathtaking to see, and kept by the local authorities, so their upkeep is always in good order, they’re even lit up at night and make a more striking impression than during the day! You can see the Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial, and of course the Washington monument and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Washington being the capital also means you can check out the white house which is always quite an impressive sight by night.

There’s plenty more to see in this state, and much of it is steeped in history, there are iconic historical streets which have previously acted as suburbs for different cultures within the city, and taking in a bus tour or other guided tour can be an amazing way to make sure you see it all and don’t miss anything. If you can do this in the evening all the better, as public transport and walking may get more challenging. Ensuring you take in all that DC has to offer is a must when you’re visiting one of the most iconic parts of America.

Fall Foliage Brings a Different Look to NYC


central-park-1046220_640New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There aren’t many places in the world that people know as well as New York, with its iconic skyline, attractions and more. We’ve all seen New York hundreds of times on the television even if we’ve not been lucky enough to visit, but visiting is something you definitely should do if you get the opportunity, and fall is a perfect season to see what it has to offer.

New York really feels the seasons, hot in summer, cold in winter, and you can really embrace and make the most of each season. Fall sees a different look and feel to the city as the winter coats start to creep out and of course the leaves start to change. One of the most incredible sights New York has to offer, central park, is a sight to behold as the autumnal colors grip the city.

Oktoberfest is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this in Central park and the city really goes crazy for it. As Halloween approaches too, one of the best holidays can be incredible in a city that really embraces it. America is amazing for Halloween and where better to experience it all than the big apple?

The city has a lot to offer all year round, but there is something magical about the feel of fall which can really grip you as you take a tour or walk around the streets and visit the parks and memorials of NYC. A perfect time to visit.

Finding the Top Outdoor Gear Reviews


animal-17760_640Outdoor gear is a huge part of traveling. Whether you are into survival, hiking, backpacking or just normal holiday making, the chances are at some stage you’re going to need some good quality outdoor gear, this could be anything from a good pair of walking boots to a pocket knife to equipment for camping. There are so many hobbies and pastimes involved with the outdoors, whether you’re into kayaking, camping or adventure holidays, but you need quality gear you can rely on.

Fortunately, in the age of the internet there are a huge amount of ways to get information and you can find reviews for gear all over the place, from professionals and from amateurs and consumers who have bought the product.

Hiking and Backpacking Gear is one of the huge categories within, and when you’re going on a trip which requires either, you really can’t mess around with the equipment. It is nothing short of essential that you buy something you can rely on, nobody wants to be out on a hiking trip with shoddy gear that is going to break when you need it most, and sometimes this can be of utmost importance and even be the difference between a good time and a torrid time.

When looking for reviews, you need to look for a brand you can trust, a high build quality in the product, and be sure to look to more than one source for the reviews to make sure you take in multiple opinions. Taking a little time before buying can save a lot of hassle in the long run.