washington-dc-85531_640DC is one of the many places in the USA that doesn’t seem to sleep! In Washington or elsewhere, there is so much to see and do at almost any time of the day. If you’re a nocturnal animal or just want to make the most of the hours you’re spending in Washington or elsewhere in DC, you’re in luck, there’s plenty for you to see and do.

Of course, we need to mention the many monuments and statues in the city of Washington. They’re truly breathtaking to see, and kept by the local authorities, so their upkeep is always in good order, they’re even lit up at night and make a more striking impression than during the day! You can see the Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial, and of course the Washington monument and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Washington being the capital also means you can check out the white house which is always quite an impressive sight by night.

There’s plenty more to see in this state, and much of it is steeped in history, there are iconic historical streets which have previously acted as suburbs for different cultures within the city, and taking in a bus tour or other guided tour can be an amazing way to make sure you see it all and don’t miss anything. If you can do this in the evening all the better, as public transport and walking may get more challenging. Ensuring you take in all that DC has to offer is a must when you’re visiting one of the most iconic parts of America.

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