skiWhen you think about skiing, you may think about some of the European or American locations that offer skiing trips and tuition, but one of the fastest growing, and most beautiful countries to learn to ski is Japan. The Japanese have some of the most incredible mounts and peaks in the whole world, and a number of ski schools have cropped up offering to teach everyone from children to pensioners, beginners to pros.

Propeak ski school is one such example, offering ski schools which can accommodate for all sorts of ages and abilities as well as nationalities, there are lots of languages spoken in Asia and of course by the people who visit, so the tutors are multi lingual and can help out. The Niseko mountain range is one of the most stunning in Japan, and even all of asia. A quick look at their website will show that loads of people have visited the mountains and had an amazing experience, whether it is their first ski trip or they’re seasoned skiers.

Going skiing in Japan is an excellent option, and though there are many different schools and places to visit, it depends what your individual needs are and potentially which part of Japan you want to visit, with Propeak being on the Northern island. The ski school is an amazing way to not only learn the ropes but can also be one of the most stunning photo opportunities you will come across and you can wow people with photos of mountains in the background while you take to the slopes.

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