Reasons to Rent a Boat in Croatia


yacht-823657_640For years a lot of the tourist industry in Europe has focused on more traditionally ‘holiday-ish’ destinations in the med such as Italy and Greece and Spain, but more and more people are flocking to Croatia in order to enjoy all of the amazing unspoilt areas the country has to offer.

Not many people know just how much of a coastline there is in Croatia, it really is huge, and there is plenty to do whilst sailing as there are so many small islands to explore, many of which aren’t really inhabited so can feel like your own little corner of the country for an hour or two. Boating is a wonderful way to explore any new country.

Depending on your budget, you may want to hire anything from a motor boat to a big, luxury yacht for you and a group of friends which can lead to a holiday in shear luxury on one of the most beautiful and sunny countries Europe has to offer. Yacht charter Croatia can be surprisingly easy if you find the right company who can help guide you through the process and ensure it remains fun instead of becoming a chore having to sort everything out.

You can also rent catamarans with a skipper, so you have all of the difficulty taken away from you, and it has quite a lot of space for a family or group of friends to explore. Croatia is a wonderful country with so much natural beauty, even some of Game of Thrones was filmed there, so it is well worth a visit!

Quick Guide to Japan


japan-217883_640Japan is an amazing and fascinating country, known to people around the world as a cultural and technology capital, but there is so much to explore in this fascinating and varied country.

The country has quite a unique setting, an island to the east of the main block of Asia, and the culture has a lot of different aspects which can seem almost other-worldly if you’re not used to them. The contrast between city life and country life is at its most extreme in this country, where in the countryside you can find village life that seems like it dates back hundreds of years, beautiful historical architecture and very local, close knit communities, in the cities you can find high technology business and transport, as well as a lot of new tech that hasn’t even made its way to the west yet.

Japan has some of the most amazing Gardens known to man, the floral qualities of Japan are somewhat unique and a proud tradition of cultivating gardens has survived to this day, in many different regions of the country you can find large and glorious gardens to explore. The gardens often surround buddhist temples. Buddhism is one of the main religions in Japan, which is not something that can be said about many other countries. The buddhist temples themselves can make an amazing place to visit and learn more about the culture and way of life.

The country has such a rich variety of things to see, you can visit hot springs, snowy mountains where you can ski, hike and explore with a guide, or amazing cities to soak up the atmosphere and nightlife.

For the foodies, there are some amazing spots to eat and drink, and the cuisine from Japan has spread around the world, with food such as sushi being popular all over the west. As with most local foods, it is never totally the same in other countries and experiencing it first hand can be amazing. With a rich coastline, Japan is also excellent for their seafood, and has some very high class restaurants as well as great street food! Noodles and ramen are hugely popular, but if you yearn for the west you can even get a Dennys in some parts of Japan!

Getting around Japan is actually not too much of a challenge, and it is renowned for having one of the best transport systems in the world, with some amazing trains connecting towns and cities, with amazing views along the way. Buy Japan Rail Pass Here if you plan to explore the country via its train system.

Japan are big on cleanliness and health, and it can be amazing place to cleanse and detox with healthy food and great surroundings. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the customary manners that the locals are used to and expect.

The beautiful country is truly a unique and brilliant experience and has so much to offer for all who visit whether you stay in luxury business hotels or you want to camp in some of the amazing camping parks in the country, whatever your budget there are great places to stay.

The Best Way to Explore Rome: A Private Tour!


italy-1005507_640As the old saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do”. If you find yourself quite literally in Rome, the best way to explore the beautiful city is to get an authentic view of the sights, sounds and smells of the city with a tour guide showing you around, but who wants to spend a long time in lines or share their tour with a bus full of others? Private Rome day tours can mean skipping the lines and seeing the amazing sights with an authentic experience.

Tours can incorporate so many of the most amazing sights Rome, Italy, even the whole world has to offer, and some of the most iconic areas in the world:

The colosseum – an area truly dripping with history, just think about everything that has taken place in this building, with thousands of years of historical significance ready for you to soak up.

Vatican city – whether you are religious or not, Vatican city is an amazing place to see, and one of the most unique religious areas on the planet.

Pantheon – standing like a stunning building from thousands of years ago in the midst of modern Rome, this is a stunning building and one of many examples of architecture you can explore in Rome.

As with so many other things, it is only really possible to get a full experience if you immerse yourself in your surroundings, and what better way to do so than having your own private tour guide to show you the city in a unique way and through an expert set of eyes?

Gap Year and Other Vacations in Barcelona


barcelona-838716_640Barcelona is undeniably one of the most famous cities in the whole world, and so many people have heard of the amazing Spanish city. It has so much to offer, if you’re a sports fan you can visit the camp nou, home of world known Barcelona FC, if you like architecture you can bask in the beautiful historical buildings that line the city, and if you like culture and food the amazing restaurants and nightlife may take your fancy.

If you’re on a gap year or you’re a student looking to explore, your budget might not be the highest, or you may just be a young person who likes the idea of the community spirit within a hostel. Barcelona can still be a great destination. You want to be well connected, so a youth hostel close to Barcelona Sants, the main station in Barcelona from which you can get to places both locally or further afield. Staying nearby can also mean you don’t have to pay for transfers to and from your accommodation. If you’re arriving via the air, the airport is a short bus or train ride away so it isn’t too hard to find yourself in the heart of the city.

If you’re visiting or touring around Europe, then you must visit Spain, and specifically head to Barcelona, whether you’re a foodie going for the fresh seafood or you’re an architect going to see Gaudi’s amazing work, visit the museums or take part in the endless activities you can find in the city, it is a must visit.

Reasons to Visit Morocco and Marrakech


screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-18-00-20Morocco is a unique and wonderful place to visit. Located in the North of Africa, the destination has become more easy to reach with modern transport links from Europe and of course many other parts in the world. Marrakech, the fourth largest city in the country but one of the best known (and most popular for tourists) is one of the best connected destinations. So what are some of the reasons to visit Marrakech and other areas in Morocco.

The Climate – Morocco is hot, and due to its location it is hot for most of the year, meaning it is an option for those seeking sun for more of the year than say the southern coast of Europe. Marrakech isn’t coastal but there are other parts of the country with some great beaches.

The Sights – some of the sights in the city are truly amazing, there is a rich history and lots of sights such as mosques and even palaces, and the famous city walls, which all make a great destination.

The Hotels – The country also boasts some amazing hotels, there may be palaces to visit but in hotels such as the riad Hotel Marrakech where you could be forgiven for thinking you were already in one! Plush hotels with helpful staff help you live the life of luxury during your stay.

There is a huge amount of rich history to explore in beautiful Morocco, and the reasons to visit are endless, especially as it is easier to get to and to get around than ever before.

Choosing a Sydney Airport Shuttle Service


bus_lane_airport_shuttle_service_sydneySydney is a very popular travel destination for people all over the world. Some of the most iconic sights in all of Australia and even the world are in the city, and even if you’re traveling to other parts of the country, you can fly into Sydney and spend some time there before moving on to another location.

There’s little denying that the landscape of travel has changed hugely, the addition of the internet in recent decades has made access to different services a lot easier, and has also meant that planning your own trip has been made simpler. Instead of having to get a deal with a travel agent and a tour operator who have planned everything, you can save money and plan your own, more convenient trip, and services such as a shuttle from the airport to where you’re staying, as we’re focusing on here.

There are numerous benefits to choosing your own company to transfer you to where you need to be. For a start, it means you can avoid public transport. Even if you’re staying somewhere that is easy to get to on trains or buses, it is tough to take your luggage with you and can provide a real challenge. It is much easier to take a shuttle service which can take you right from the door of the airport to the door of where you are staying (or your own home if you’re coming back from your travels). A service such as Plan B Shuttle can be a great solution, and their drivers are extremely helpful and able to even help out with your luggage and drop them right at your door along with you and your family.

Plan B operate 12 and 14 seaters which can be suitable for your whole family, and even have child seats included. Traveling with children can be tough and anything to make it more of a simple process is something we really value. On top of that, their vehicles are air conditioned. If you’ve never been to sydney before, you’ll quickly realize why you need the air con once you have landed and felt just how hot the temperature can get in Australia.

The shuttle service is available at any time, so whenever your flight is, you can get the travel organized. They also pride themselves on ensuring you get to where you need to be on time, allowing for all obstacles and any contingencies to get you to your flight on time, and to pick you up on time. They’re accredited by NSW transport department, showing that they’re one of the most trusted of all the Sydney airport transfer companies available.

Making sure you’ve got everything planned for a journey can be tough, as can sharing transport with too many people or having to hail down a cab or take your luggage on the train. Using a company such as plan B can ensure that you have one less thing to worry about on your travels to the land down under.