japan-217883_640Japan is an amazing and fascinating country, known to people around the world as a cultural and technology capital, but there is so much to explore in this fascinating and varied country.

The country has quite a unique setting, an island to the east of the main block of Asia, and the culture has a lot of different aspects which can seem almost other-worldly if you’re not used to them. The contrast between city life and country life is at its most extreme in this country, where in the countryside you can find village life that seems like it dates back hundreds of years, beautiful historical architecture and very local, close knit communities, in the cities you can find high technology business and transport, as well as a lot of new tech that hasn’t even made its way to the west yet.

Japan has some of the most amazing Gardens known to man, the floral qualities of Japan are somewhat unique and a proud tradition of cultivating gardens has survived to this day, in many different regions of the country you can find large and glorious gardens to explore. The gardens often surround buddhist temples. Buddhism is one of the main religions in Japan, which is not something that can be said about many other countries. The buddhist temples themselves can make an amazing place to visit and learn more about the culture and way of life.

The country has such a rich variety of things to see, you can visit hot springs, snowy mountains where you can ski, hike and explore with a guide, or amazing cities to soak up the atmosphere and nightlife.

For the foodies, there are some amazing spots to eat and drink, and the cuisine from Japan has spread around the world, with food such as sushi being popular all over the west. As with most local foods, it is never totally the same in other countries and experiencing it first hand can be amazing. With a rich coastline, Japan is also excellent for their seafood, and has some very high class restaurants as well as great street food! Noodles and ramen are hugely popular, but if you yearn for the west you can even get a Dennys in some parts of Japan!

Getting around Japan is actually not too much of a challenge, and it is renowned for having one of the best transport systems in the world, with some amazing trains connecting towns and cities, with amazing views along the way. Buy Japan Rail Pass Here if you plan to explore the country via its train system.

Japan are big on cleanliness and health, and it can be amazing place to cleanse and detox with healthy food and great surroundings. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the customary manners that the locals are used to and expect.

The beautiful country is truly a unique and brilliant experience and has so much to offer for all who visit whether you stay in luxury business hotels or you want to camp in some of the amazing camping parks in the country, whatever your budget there are great places to stay.

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