thaiMoving from country to country is easier than ever in the modern age, and many of the challenges and uncertainty that a move would once have had, have been taken away by technological advancements and the internet. Thailand is very popular with expats and more and more people move to the Asian country each year, so what are some of the benefits of moving to Thailand?

The cost of living is one thing that jumps out as being a big benefit, if you’re used to living a country where the cost of living is higher you’ll notice the difference straight away. If your income can somehow come with you (if you can work remotely) then you can live like a relative king if you are moving from Japan, America or many parts of Europe.

The climate in Thailand is beautiful and very temperate meaning you have tropical jungle settings and a lot of great beaches to hang out, many of which are known to be party destinations, but there are plenty of quiet beaches too if you just want somewhere chilled out.

Thailand is well connected and transport is pretty good, taxis are relatively cheap and there are a lot of buses and trains to get around as well as numerous airports, from where you can head to a lot of different parts of the continent and beyond. It is no wonder Thailand is a really great option for so many expats or those wanting to change their life completely.

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