santorini-766677_640Once in a while, we’re lucky enough to head on the holiday of our dreams. The days of slumming it in hostels with a backpack are fine, but at some point you’ve just got to be pampered, and head to a destination where luxury is all around you, so where do you find the best luxury holiday ideas?

Instagram. Social media is great for holiday and trip inspiration, if you have a destination in mind and want to see what it is like, you can look for images taken in the area or just search through the relevant hash tags, you’ll quickly work out if the trip is for you. On top of this, some accounts are dedicated to bringing luxury holiday ideas to your feed every day! Facebook has similar capabilities and can be another place to follow luxury travel bloggers and websites.

Some websites are amazing for luxury holidays. There are a lot of generic travel blogs but there are also blogs and websites dedicated to enchanting luxury holidays, whether it be a luxurious city, an amazing resort or a stunning cruise.

Friends recommendations are always welcome. Most people in the 21st century are pretty fond of traveling and chatting to your friends about the breaks they decide to take, either on their own, as a couple or with their whole family, can be a great way to find out about lovely locations and holiday opportunities you didn’t even know existed!

There is more information available than ever before in 2017, and there are so many websites and other resources to help you to plan your ideal getaway!

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