group-366355_640Taking a tour when you’re in a new city or holiday destination isn’t a new concept, and can be an amazing way to explore a new place, but there are certain times when the standard ‘out of the box’ tour that you can take isn’t enough, and there are certainly a lot of benefits to taking a private tour. What taking a private tour entails is basically having your own tour guide and potentially driver, and going out in a small party to explore the new area, this means you can go as a couple or family group for instance.

Finding a tour guide who is up to the job can be a big part of it, but certain websites offering a private tours guide have been created to provide these tours in multiple cities, and can allow you to rest assured that you have a solid professional who knows exactly what they’re doing. A good tour guide can make all the difference, and allows you to see the area in an authentic light as shown by the locals, rather than a generic tourist spiel.

A big benefit of going with a private tour guide is the fact that things are a bit less busy. Depending on the tourist attraction (some will always be very busy) but going somewhere and not having to deal with 50 or 60 people getting off the same bus and trying to get to the same vantage points can be a big advantage, and some people really struggle with big crowds, making sure you don’t have to deal with this wherever it can be avoided is a big positive.

A private tour can be personalized too, which is a big positive, for instance if you have already visited an area of a city and don’t need it to be included in your tour, you can alter it to make sure you don’t go there, and spend more time elsewhere, or if certain things don’t appeal to you, just give them a miss. Talking to the tour guide and getting a truly personalized experience can make sure you get the most out of it.

Going private as opposed to on bigger group tours also often means you can fit things in a little faster, if you don’t have so much time, not having to wait for others to finish or for group toilet breaks etc can be very helpful, so on a time restricted break, this can be beneficial, too.

On top of all of these benefits of private tours, the luxury factor is huge. Often if you’ve saved for a holiday and want to go somewhere truly special then you don’t want to spend time on buses with a huge amount of people or doing walking tours where you have to keep up with the slowest member of the party! Going at your own pace, to see things you want to see, and often in a luxurious environment such as a private vehicle with driver, can be a wonderful way to see any city or holiday destination.

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