Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 13.37.17Lares treks can be one of the most fulfilling and amazing travel experiences you ever come across. An alternative route to the ‘inca trail’ most of us have heard of, a Lares trek takes you through amazing mountains and scenery within Peru. If you want an authentic views of the andean communities and some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, this is a trip not to be missed, but there are some recommendations and things to remember before you go.

  • Get used to altitude. Luckily we can use things like altitude masks these days, and there are other trips and techniques you can use in order to get used to being at altitude, which will likely help you a lot for your Lares trek.
  • Bring a camera and spare batteries. This should be obvious, but so many people don’t account for having to bring spare batteries to keep your camera going for what is a relatively long trek, some of the most amazing photo opportunities can be missed if you’re not prepared.
  • Be ready for rain. This is inevitable, so having all of your waterproof gear on you is essential.
  • Get fit and wear good shoes. It may not be the same as running a marathon, but a little bit of fitness training and the selection of good shoes for walking distances can make sure you’re not in discomfort and can enjoy the trip to the max.
  • Protect your tech. If you’re taking a phone and camera for instance, you don’t want them to get wet, so waterproof casings are a must.

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