wifi-1264065_640We travel more than ever before. Cheap airline flights and modern technology have made it easier than ever to head to even remote parts of the world. When we land at a new destination, most of us will quickly turn off the mobile data on our phones to make sure we don’t rack up huge bills. Horror stories tell of people unknowingly spending thousands on data when traveling, and some phone tariffs are not friendly to globe trotters!

Fortunately, there are alternatives, and one of these, hotspot on the go, is tackling the problem by providing unlimited internet use for up to 10 devices whilst holidaying in one of Europe’s most popular destinations, Greece. The fact that you can connect so many devices safely means it is great for families as well as solo travellers and can provide internet in even remote areas, no need to go hunting for an internet cafe! The battery life can last around 8 hours too, so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you as soon as you get started.

As if all this weren’t enough, the company can drop off and pick up at your apartments, meaning you don’t even have to go to specific stores to collect your device. All in all, this is a truly brilliant system.

In a busy world where none of us want to be away from our email updates and news for too long, having internet access is something we all expect, and we don’t want to pay the earth for! This innovative solution is great for travellers heading to Greece.

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