Stay Organized on the Go: Our Top Tips

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Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 02.15.13Whether you’re always on the go for work or you are perpetually traveling either for work or travel, here are some enabling on the go ideas that I have put together to help you staying organized. You don’t need me to tell you how important it can be, and how much easier life can be if you are organised.

Everything that is in your bags and laptop case which isn’t essential speaks volumes about choices that have not been made. If you don’t need something, ditch it.

Arrange as much as you can ahead of time.

A couple of minutes of arranging and arrangement can spare hours, not to mention the hassle of something going wrong. Think ahead and make decisions… What will you require? What issues may come up? What do you know now that you could get out of the way and take care of before it turns into an issue? This is good for peace of mind too

When traveling, Bring a little diary, journal or folio out and about. These diaries aren’t only to write memories in, they are an awesome approach to catch, store and show things you might need later. Think business cards, receipts from your meals, tickets, and so forth. You can likewise scribble down notes you’d like to recollect.

Getting the right luggage is key and traveling with suitable bags and cases can be hugely helpful, making sure you have a place for everything and even use portfolios not only designed to contain your devices such as laptops or iPads but also well designed with holders for documents and everything else you could need. We love the luggage, bags and folios which can be found at, great for business not only because they look good, but because the designs are so sensible and simple, plus they have variety so you can choose what suits you best.

It is important to get packing right too, especially if staying away from home.

  • Make a plan before you start. It doesn’t need to be excessive, yet a general framework of what you’ll need.
  • Roll your garments. You’ll fit a heck of a lot more stuff into your bag.
  • Bring additional plastic bag and you’ll be astounded at how frequently they prove to be useful
  • Decide what you’re wearing beforehand and avoid taking clothes which won’t be used.

Be sure to pack layered garments such as undershirts and outerwear. Odds are the temperature might change. You will need to shift your garments by how hot you are potentially a few times during the day. You may also need clothes for both business and leisure, so think ahead.

Keeping everything you need in an organized folder is a lifesaver, especially if you need things like travel documents. Organizers, bags and portfolios are amazing for business men and women, not only because of keeping life organized but lets face it, they look good, and give off the right image about being both in control and having a bit of style at the same time!

The Nightlife in Key Largo


key largoWhen the sun sets the party begins. There are so many great places to go in Key Largo to enjoy the nightlife. You can find Pubs, Clubs and Grills full of good eats and live performances. Whether you are looking for something family friendly or hot and heavy, there’s something for everyone.

The Caribbean Club one of the last standing relics of Old Key Largo and one of the oldest bars in the Upper Keys. The club serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Come in for the daily happy hour specials or enjoy a romantic waterfront dinner. The place is even dog friendly. Aside the live music, they host karaoke, trivia night, fundraisers and special events. Jimmy Buffett gives it a thumbs up. The Caribbean Club is the film location for Netflix Original Series Bloodline .

Sharkey’s Pub & Grill located on Caribbean Drive is open from 7 am- 2 am. Their menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner items. You can also stop in to the shop and buy a signature t-shirt or hat. The Brewpub offers a total of 32 selections of beer on tap, as well as, local specialties. There is a wide variety of mixed drinks available, tropical, frozen and specialty drinks. You can buy the mixed drinks by the glass or by the bait bucket for a crowd. The food menu is extensive containing American, Tropical, Mexican and Seafood Specials.

After an awesome meal head on down to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration. The celebration is full of live entertainment that begins 2 hours before sunset and runs late into the night. Participation from the audience is encouraged by the many street performers. You will see a variety of street artists, jugglers, magicians, clowns, local bands and vendors who will let you sample their goodies.

Snook’s Bayside Restaurant and Grand Tiki Bar is a bit more elegant. It is a great place for a romantic dinner for two and a place for the whole family. Enjoy waterfront dining for lunch or dinner. Snook’s will host your wedding or parties. Come in and enjoy happy hour and a plate of fresh caught local fish. There is prime Angus Beef, Chicken and Fish dishes along with a kids menu. Snook’s has a wide variety for your after dinner drinks for you to enjoy while you listen to live music and entertainment.

If you are looking for some comfort foods stop in to Shipwrecks Bar & Grill for some pub grub and brews. Enjoy some home cooked food in a relaxed and chill atmosphere. The Bar and Grill is open from 11 in the morning until 10 at night. Everything seems bigger at Shipwreck’s 2 appetizers is like a whole meal. Dine inside or enjoy eating outdoors. Happy hour is incredible and no matter how busy they are, the staff is always accommodating.

Whether you are looking for something funky and upbeat or somewhere chill you will find it in Key Largo. There is plenty of drinks and eats for everyone. Enjoy a romantic evening out or bring the whole family out to Mallory Square for the night of a lifetime.

How to Get to Your Accommodation in Tenerife from Tenerife Airport


tenerifeFamous for its palm lined beaches, pristine seaside views, unique volcanic landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Tenerife continues to attract a large number of tourists throughout the year. The island has a number of villages providing different accommodation options. The southern villages of Tenerife are famous for their luxury resorts and beach side escapes, while northern towns like Santa Cruz and La Laguna also have a large number of economic hotels and guest houses.

Tenerife is well connected to the rest of the world through air and water, and hence getting to the islands is not a difficult task. However, tourists, especially those who are travelling to Tenerife for the first time, often wonder how best to reach their hotel or guest house from the Tenerife airport in a fast and hassle-free manner. Many people often think that airport taxi transfers are highly expensive and thus, if an airport transfer is not included in their hotel booking, find themselves stranded at the airport on arrival unable to decide how best to get to their destination.

Well, if you were wondering about the same thing, you have reason to rejoice. Professional Tenerife airport transfers are here to put an end to your worries. Contrary to popular myths, these services are highly reliable, economic and portray high standards of service. As long as the correct travel itinerary details are available with the airport transfer agency, they will ensure to track your flight status and be present at the airport at the correct time to take you to your hotel. A smooth ride to the hotel will ensure that you can have the comfort and privacy you deserve after a tiring flight. You can thus restore all your energy to make the most of your Tenerife vacation.

However, it is important to choose the appropriate taxi transfer company. There are several ways to carry out the initial research.

Check out online reviews of the service provider.

Trust word of mouth. If any of your friends or colleagues has been to Tenerife, ask them for their opinions.

Make sure that you read through and understand the outlined terms and conditions.

Once you have chosen a professional Tenerife airport taxi transfer, you can rest assured that you will be off to a great start to your holidays. Fret not, because the sand and the surf and the sun are calling you.

Scuba, beaches and coconuts of the gorgeous islands in Thailand


thaiSouth East Asia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Fact. In my travels around the area I have seen some of the most amazing sights that the area has to offer, and there is very little else in the world that can take your breath away like the Thai scenery.

A normal day for me in Thailand whilst I was there involved a morning stroll down to the beach, food throughout the day from the beautiful hawker stands, iced coffee in the cafes and of course more chilling out on the beaches watching the coconuts above (and drinking from them!) The beaches are perfect, it is clear to see why so many of the films which require beach shots choose to head to south east asia and some of the perfect beach scenes you’ve seen are probably filmed around the many islands of Thailand. The most amazing experiences I had were some of the scuba diving and boat tours I went on, where the sealife is truly incredible.

You can get around the islands on local boats and tours and it isn’t difficult (nor is it expensive as the cost of living is relatively low. This list of the great islands in Thailand shows some of the most sought after islands to hop over to, and has something for everyone whether you’re going for the scuba diving, for the parties or just to chill out on a quiet beach with your friends, partner or your family.

London Rickshaw Tours: A Great Way to See the City


ldnRickshaws are maybe something you’d associate more with a bustling Asian city, but let me assure you, they’re all the rage in London! One of the world’s most beautiful and historical cities, providing a wonderful experience as you glide through the streets which are so rich in history and check out everything this beautiful city has to offer from the comfort of a rickshaw.

Unlike in some places in the world, you can’t necessarily hail down a rickshaw and have to give it a bit more thought, but you can absolutely go ahead and book a rickshaw tour with certain companies such as this exceptional London Rickshaw Tours company who offer a great experience and contact numbers so you can book your rickshaw. The tours are well thought out and you can see everything from the west end to the famous eateries and pubs of the city and even the sherlock holmes tour, these are a great way to take in the markets as well.

These rickshaw tours even offer drinks and snacks if you so wish, so they’re a relaxing experience, great for snapping photos, getting from a to b and seeing the sights. You can book a tour really easily with all the info you need on their site. It is eco friendly so you don’t need to worry about that and the company have worked with some huge brands, if you’re in advertising you can even look into advertising your brand on rickshaws in London to get your name out. A unique way to see the capital of England.

Private and Shared Transfer from Cesky Krumlov to Prague


praguePrague is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities that the whole of Europe has to offer. The capital of the Czech Republic and historically it was the capital of bohemia. With bustling nightlife, truly beautiful architecture (they call it the city of a hundred spires), parks, museums and absolutely loads to do (as well as some wonderful food and drink, too) it is easy to see why this is such a popular destination for people traveling around Europe or those already in the country looking for a trip. It is also a business destination, and the reasons for getting there are endless.

Transfers from one of the countries other popular cities, Cesky Krumlov, to Prague, are in high demand, and we’re looking today at a Shuttle bus from Cesky Krumlov to Prague, a service which takes the travel out of your hands, makes more economical sense (both more affordable and using less fuel) and is a speedy and efficient way to make the trip. It is about 100 miles (160 KM) from one to the other, which can be a tough drive if you’re tired after a flight, or are unsure of driving in a new country, or simply don’t have access to a vehicle.

Czech Shuttle let you pay on the day of travel and have a team of committed drivers who are dedicated to making your journey as comfortable as possible and accommodating all of your needs while you sit back, relax and enjoy the sights of the beautiful Czech Republic.

Finding Furnished Apartments in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is an amazing part of the world, both culturally and literally. As Australia becomes a more and more popular place to life, and Melbourne is one of its hotspots, a true hive of activity, property is in high demand. We’ve put together a few tips for finding long term apartments or a short term rental Melbourne

The shortest term rentals are normally a large chunk (at least half) of a year or more frequently one year (for a home)

Before you lease you should pay a deposit, this is usually demanded and generally equivalent to 4 weeks full rental, if the rental is AUD 1000 then you’re looking at a 4000 deposit, for example. There are websites out there also offering short term leases for vacations or longer trips to the area.

Organizing rental in Australia is moderately tough matter and you are emphatically encouraged to visit the rented condo/house in individual before agreeing to a lease arrangement. It requires some investment to a find reasonable spot, you should check the conditions and the local area.

You can find listings on noticeboards and newspapers, but realistically, the best places to find a home, housemates and look through listings is online, with websites such as the one mentioned above providing a great place to see exactly what is on offer and to filter and sort by prices, areas and more. Create a shortlist before heading to visit places and seeing the logistics of the deal and if it works out. You can also find out info such as price, facilities and even make enquiries.

Getting Married in Singapore


singaporeSingapore is a beautiful place to visit, and is more and more becoming a wedding destination for people all around Asia and the rest of the world.  There are many reasons to visit for a honeymoon, to celebrate your engagement or for your wedding ceremony, whether you’re a resident or not.

Singapore is without a doubt a standout amongst the most famous destinations in Asia for foodies. Singapore’s hawkers and street scene are known as some of the best in the world, thanks to a huge number of ethnicities and cultural input adding to a thrilling society both in food and drink terms and otherwise.

If you’re going for a wedding, you ought to dive further into the culture and take a gander at Singapore’s fine dining and restaurant scene, who can provide amazing meals for your ceremony or reception.

Meander around Singapore and you’ll instantly see why it is a great choice for weddings, and provides so many great photo opportunities, destination wedding photography shoots singapore provide photos with the background of masterpieces of architecture and an amazing amount of influences to the buildings from Malay culture and otherwise. There is also a huge amount of beautiful wildlife and opportunity for wedding photos you’ll cherish forever.

The social impacts of Singapore are obvious all over, particularly in its cooking and buildings. The rich social qualities makes Singapore a standout amongst the most intriguing spots to visit in Asia — and a simple one for English, Australian and Americans With English being one of the national dialects, voyagers find that its simple to explore the country.

Dreameat – The Place to Discover the Taste of Italy


library974059_1920Dreameat is a company and website formed to connect tourists with the authentic Italian food and drink experience, working with travel agencies, tourists and the companies which offer Italian experiences such as tastings and tours. This wonderful company take advantage of the incredible cuisine we all know and love. Italian food.

As well as their extraordinary variety, ingredients and meals in Italy share a couple of basic components which make them so renowned and valued all around the world.

The element which best portrays Italian sustenance is, as I would see it, quality. Natural ingredients, quality of the cooking procedure and beautiful presentation.

Another one of a kind element of sustenances in Italy is simplicity and straightforward nature. Italian food is awesome even with just a few components: tomatoes, olives/oil, rustic bread, and of course famous Italian wine, to give some examples.

Health too makes Italian sustenance so prominent around the globe. The Mediterranean eating regimen is popular worldwide for its advantages in avoiding heart-related ailments.

Olive oil, for instance, is utilized a great deal more than butters or processed fats. Prepared sauces are still respected with a kind of disgrace among the greater part of Italians. Any sauce ought to be thoroughly high quality and made at home, with most people in Italy taught to cook at some stage and able to do so to a higher standard than many other countries.

Sticking to a very mediterranean eating regimen will enhance your wellbeing, but doesn’t compromise on taste, with some of the most delicious meals available.

Also, local and neighborhood conventions make Italy so unique when it comes to food, and it is this that makes sure that food is an experience not just something to put in your mouth. Custom recipes handed down through families, rustic food prep companies, everything from bakeries to dairies have their own customs and proud traditions of providing beautiful food, something which we can all get on board with and take advantage of due to Dreameat and their work towards enhancing our experience when in Italy and making sure that food doesn’t get ignored when visiting.

Dreameat provide packages within all 20 regions of Italy and everything from food tastings to recommended restaurants, and the team of passionate Italians running it make it an authentic experience and one which stays with you.

Italian food has arguably spread further than any cuisine in the world, and there is a reason for this, it is a wonderfully tasty type of food with tradition and balance which keeps us all going. Food in Italy has its roots in the poorer classes too, with many dishes handed through working class families for many generations. The stories behind the food and the way recipes were born are truly fascinating and by experiencing the Dreameat way you can hear the stories behind the food, learn about how to truly appreciate it with tastings and just make sure you leave your stomach truly satisfied within beautiful surroundings and with beautiful food and drink!

Eric Shuman Travel Club


ibizaIf there is one devotion that he has made in his life, then it is tailoring exceptional pocket friendly holiday for every person.

With over twenty years’ experience in the travel industry, he has an incomparable love for holidays. He sold his Travel Club four years ago in the month of September, for close to forty million dollars to a closed investment company, this is from a report on his Travel Center

Originally from Philadelphia, he nursed the ambition of traveling globally since an early age. However, those that he narrated his ambitions to believed that traveling was exclusively for the wealthy, of which he always responded that he would do something about that as well.

Over a decade ago, he has launched, Travel Club offices in slightly above twenty cities across the country. From, Las Vegas, to Valencia in California.

If one has never heard of Travel Club, they shouldn’t get worried, it’s a current ideology, though it’s over ten years old. Many folks may have never come across it, because Travel Clubs advertisements are never in the mainstream media. What they do instead, is inviting married partners to visit them for an hour and half of presentation and in return they compensate them for their time, through offering them some traveling present”.

He says that they make use of the traveling presents though they come hand in hand with strict rules to be adhered to, and not everybody likes them. One would not just present themselves and get an air ticket for two to go whenever they please. It used to happen before, but not after the September 11 terrorist attack in America. People could easily earn entrance to movies, or even get a TV, however, the main goal is the attraction of holiday enthusiasts.

Many shoddy travel businesses have spoilt the reputation of the industry, his goal is changing this dimension by demonstrating to people that there is a possibility to manage a legit Travel Club. Claiming that timeshare has not had it smooth with all its clients, he thinks that Travel Club will be in its position in the coming times, by keeping their pros and getting rid of all cons.

His Travel Club Destination Vacations International, enjoys over one hundred thousand membership, who are awarded on full traveling apart from air tickets. The airways have high competition, with a smaller margin, therefore, saving is less. He said that they are a full service travel agent, who will do all the research, book one in an extraordinary holiday, and make huge monetary savings in the process. He likes to think that they were professionals, and that they would all look up to it with respect. However, everybody thinks they can do it themselves, on the internet. Unfortunately, they end up with lousy vacations, spending way too much on their accommodations, and have no money left over to have fun, go out to nice restaurants, and buy something to enjoy for the memory of the trip. This he said is not what their members have, his are spoiled, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

He believes that a good number of children get older without ever taking a holiday. The reason being that it’s beyond many people’s ability. He said that some of his best memories in life were those where he went for a holiday with his parents. He will always treasure them in his mind long as he is alive. Yet, he hears many people saying that they have quit going on holiday, calling it an unaffordable luxury. With him, he sees things differently, for the mentality resulted to him thinking of something to do over the issue.

Joining a DVI travel club, calls for membership entry payment, and some other charges for registration which is paid once, finally, there is a yearly payment. This results into one getting a service travel agent, where one can book all their travels at a price. DVI helps with hotel, cruising, all-included, and all that pertains to the travel industry.

Smiling, he says that he does his selling for kicks. He thinks that it is vital for families to enjoy some good time together. He does not see any single person who does not like taking a holiday, those that claim that vacations are out of reach financially, would still want to go for one if it’s paid for. Well, for him,it is his time to enjoy himself, go round the globe, and have time with his allies and family. For him it was a great run, but currently, it is time to go forward.

Once one becomes a DVI Member, their membership is not affected, they will still go ahead with being owners, keep the name, and stay, because most of those working there rarely go elsewhere, they remain with the company.