The Best Places to Find Travel Inspiration

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luggage-1149289_640It is that time of year where everyone starts to think about their holidays, and plan what is in store for the year ahead, but it can be tough to know where to get ideas for your next trip. In the modern age, there are plenty of places you can turn to online to look for travel inspiration and see what amazing vacations are on offer, whichever continent, country or state you wish to explore.

Friends – One of the best ways to find out if a trip is worth taking is to talk to friends who are well traveled, who may not only have recommendations on locations but on everything from the best hotels to the best activities.

Websites – there are a lot of websites and blogs out there focused on the travel niche, such as this one! Unique travel worldwide is a great place to find tips on the best places to visit and a unique view of traveling, as well as some deals and tips on how to travel smart.

Instagram – I love looking for travel inspiration on Instagram as it is so visual Of course, we all want to see the amazing hotels and beaches as well as restaurants and activities we can take part in when we go on our holidays. If you have somewhere in mind, searching for the hash tag (E.G #Kauai on Instagram) can bring you a load of recent images people have taken in the area and can help you decide if it is your dream holiday.

Ubud; Family Destination


ubud_resort_hotelBali is a beautiful and unique country, and is brilliantly situated in Asia and reachable from anywhere in the modern age of travel and tourism, with airlines connecting us better than ever. Bali, and in particular the town of Ubud, are amazing destinations for families to spend their time, and you can have an incredible luxury holiday in the country with plenty to do for children and adults alike.

Biking is a great thing to take part in, it is pretty simple to hire bikes and you can visit many different beautiful sites, seeing rice paddys and mountains among more incredible landmarks.

Watersports are another fun activity for the whole family, you can head out on the Siap river and take a tubing trip which is thrilling for the children (and the adults too). Bali also has a waterpark if you love swimming!

Finding the right Ubud resort will play a big part in how much fun you have as a family, and whether they can accommodate for your every need and give plenty to do for all ages.

There is a zoo not far away that can be a great day out and help you to see a lot of the nature on offer in Bali and beyond. Ubud also has a monkey forrest which is like something out of a fairytale and is a great way to see monkeys in their own environment!

There is so much to do for children and adults alike and it is easy to make a trip to Bali and Ubud in particular one that stays in your memory forever

Why Desert Safaris are all the Rage


desert-landscape-1149719_640You’ve probably heard of going on Safari before, but as the middle east economy and tourism continues to boom, a lot of the countries are now offering desert safaris, an amazing opportunity to get out of the built up towns and cities and explore what there is to offer, whether you’re in Dubai or elsewhere.

Desert safaris can be visually breathtaking, with some offering the chance to see sunrise and sunsets, offering stunning photo opportunities and the chance to see sand dunes that look almost other worldly. The famous dune bashing drives can be great fun, and there’s a lot more on offer, including camel riding and lots of other local traditions. The trips are great for kids and adults alike.

The Best Desert Safari Deals will offer a lot of included things such as refreshments, even meals and the chance to choose how big a party you go out with, both private trips and those with big groups are available. You can go quadbiking in the sand, enjoy local food and drink, and experience sand dunes in a way you never knew possible!

Cities such as dubai are amazing, but there are plenty of people who want to get out and explore a bit further afield, and get out to the rural settings around the cities of the middle east, heading out on a desert safari is an amazing way to see the wildlife and landscapes and enjoy some thrilling activities along the way, we definitely recommend taking a trip out to the dunes.

Reasons to Rent a Car in Paris


ferrari-458-563815_640Paris is known all around the world as one of the most beautiful cities there is. Stunning architecture and amazing culture, as well as some iconic buildings and areas mean that this city is one that makes many bucket lists, and is well worth making sure you see at some point in your life. We’re looking at transport in Paris today and renting a car. What are the reasons to rent a car in Paris?

  • Freedom. The city does have pretty good public transport but there are often a lot of chances to go off the beaten track and see what the city has to offer. Renting a luxury car can be the best way to enjoy a luxurious city.
  • The rest of France. There is plenty to see within driving distance of Paris so with a car you have the ability to explore other areas.
  • Comfort. Especially with a luxury car you can avoid public transport which doesn’t offer the same privacy, convenience or of course comfort as your own vehicle for the time you’re there.

Public transport is doable in the city of Paris, but if you want to travel in style whilst enjoying a city break then finding exotic cars can be an amazing way to enjoy the city and cruise around feeling a million dollars. Hiring an exotic car doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do and some companies are really helpful, even offering a drop off and pick up service. Why not enjoy driving the car of your dreams in the city of your dreams.

Benefits of Hiking and Camping and Outdoor Gear Reviews


tent-1208201_640There’s something special about losing yourself — and your cell phone connection — in the forests, woods or other hiking and camping spots. Truth be told, there are lots of physical positives and advantages.

There’s no such things as phones out in the middle of nowhere — and that can be a wonderful thing. Jettisoning your screens and those annoying work calls can significantly affect your experience. Many people agree that an excessive amount of tech may prompt depression, nervousness and even lead to poor rest. Being switched into the grid the whole time isn’t good for our mental health.

Climbing, walking and hiking across the land is all part of the experience — and it’s incredible for your body. Your trek can possibly get rid of a lot of calories and increase your health.

When you invest a lot of time close to a ton of trees, you take in a lot of oxygen. That bliss that you get when you take your first breath of air out in wildlife isn’t all in your mind and there are real benefits to fresh air.

The challenges that can crop up on a camping trip such as the need to navigate, adjust to the surroundings and more can be part of character building and can do a lot for the brain and give a sense of achievement. If you’re hiking and camping with others you can also learn a lot about teamwork and the ways of solving problems as a group, that is why people can even choose this type of activity for team building exercises and more.

Assuming that you have the right outdoors equipment and have a good setup, you’ll end up sleeping soundly following a day with a lot of exercises. Rest has a huge amount of benefits to the body and out in the open you can get some amazing rest that will leave you feeling invigorated.

Outdoor Gear Reviews for Hiking and Camping

The right equipment is nothing short of essential, and using Hiking and Camping Gear Reviews to establish the best equipment is a very wise move. There is a lot of gear involved, from clothing to the camping equipment to food and drink related accessories. The most road-hardened campers will likely end up with a lot of cool equipment that they take on every trip as well as the right clothing, bedding and more. Depending on the areas you’re going to visit and how much of a hardcore camper you are, looking at outdoor gear reviews and ensuring you choose something of quality is very positive.


There is little denying the fact there are a huge amount of benefits to going camping or hiking, it can be a great thing to do as a family, with friends or even to get to know people. It can teach a lot of key skills and has wonderful benefits for both your mind and your body. Ensuring the correct equipment is in place and going on a trip is something you’re bound to get hooked on.


How To Dress Like A Local In Vienna


vienna-933500_640Vienna is one of those tourist attractions that can please almost anyone. With a rich history, amazing architecture, famous museums and plenty of options for those looking to party, it is a must see for anyone getting the chance.

As with all places that you visit, it is recommended to look for an experience that brings you as close as possible to the lifestyle of the locals. Travelling is all about discovering new things and following them, an excellent chance to go out of your comfort zone. Being rigid in your behavior may have you miss a lot when it comes to the culture you are exposed to. Besides eating the most popular foods, following the customs of a place and taking part in their celebrations, dressing as locals is another way of becoming one with the world around you. It will help you socialize easier, as natives will always appreciate when foreigners show respect to local habits.

Before going into tips regarding your apparel, we will answer a common question for those travelling to Vienna.

What is the best way of getting to my accommodation place from the airport?

Vienna’s public transportation is overall excellent, yet it is not the best choice when you’ve just arrived in the city. First of all, you will most likely be exhausted and carrying the luggage with you. What you need in these conditions is reach your accommodation place quickly, comfortably and with no worries regarding the route. Doing that using public transportation is impossible.

What we recommend is that you use Vienna airport taxi services for your first trip within the city. It is a convenient solution that will let you reach your destination with no effort, letting you quickly become ready for the activities you have ahead. Due to its speed, comfort and good value for the money, there is simply no better option upon arrival.

How should I dress to match the locals in Vienna?

Locals in Vienna dress in a casual, yet elegant fashion, even when it comes to everyday activities. This means that things like yoga pants or sweatpants with tennis shoes can make you seem out of place. Nobody says you will have to wear a formal attire everywhere, but something like more elegant pants and decent shoes is enough to show your respect for the local culture.

Certain events or places will, however, require you to wear strictly elegant outfits. Operas and classical concerts will require men to wear tuxedos and women to wear gowns that go down to the floor. Vienna is quite famous for the quality of its balls, making them essential for an authentic experience. What this means is that you should always pack your best clothing for formal events or be ready to go shopping for some, once in Vienna.

Weather is also quick to change, meaning that you should be ready for cold rains and winds even during the warm summers. Having a jacket or sweater at hand is always recommended. Its winters are quite harsh, so planning according to the season is crucial.

All in all, dressing like one of the locals in Vienna is not difficult. As long as you stay away from ultra-casual attires and have something elegant prepared for its balls, you should be ready to blend in.

Gap Year and Other Vacations in Barcelona


barcelona-838716_640Barcelona is undeniably one of the most famous cities in the whole world, and so many people have heard of the amazing Spanish city. It has so much to offer, if you’re a sports fan you can visit the camp nou, home of world known Barcelona FC, if you like architecture you can bask in the beautiful historical buildings that line the city, and if you like culture and food the amazing restaurants and nightlife may take your fancy.

If you’re on a gap year or you’re a student looking to explore, your budget might not be the highest, or you may just be a young person who likes the idea of the community spirit within a hostel. Barcelona can still be a great destination. You want to be well connected, so a youth hostel close to Barcelona Sants, the main station in Barcelona from which you can get to places both locally or further afield. Staying nearby can also mean you don’t have to pay for transfers to and from your accommodation. If you’re arriving via the air, the airport is a short bus or train ride away so it isn’t too hard to find yourself in the heart of the city.

If you’re visiting or touring around Europe, then you must visit Spain, and specifically head to Barcelona, whether you’re a foodie going for the fresh seafood or you’re an architect going to see Gaudi’s amazing work, visit the museums or take part in the endless activities you can find in the city, it is a must visit.

Traveling to Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands, Fiji


sea-696731_640Fiji is one of the most stunning parts of the world. An archipelago of islands with over 300 islands in total, and over 100 of these are inhabited. The word ‘paradise’ is thrown around a bit too much when it comes to travel, but truly, some of these islands fit the bill. White beaches with beautiful sand and stunning cobalt seas, full of coral reefs and watersports to explore, this is an amazing place to visit should the opportunity ever arise. The fact that there are many different islands means there is always something new to visit, and each island tends to have its own villages and settlements with their own traditions, there is so much to learn about the way of life both now and historically in this collection of islands full of a rich and exciting history.

The glorious Yasawa Islands are some of the most stunning. This chain of around 20 ancient islands is remote, old fashioned and definitely offers a huge amount of culture. The islands are absolutely a standout amongst the most amazing districts of the Fijian islands. Forged years prior by volcanoes, the southern islands of Kuata and Waya Lailai are around 600 metres over sea level and offer some of the most stunning views, flora and fauna you’re likely to find.

A number of islands are home to customary small settlements and towns and it’s these individuals who make Fiji what it is. There are quite a few resorts around the islands, generally Fijian run, meaning authenticity is easy to find and the locals are known for being friendly and helpful.

The Mamanuca Islands, not far from Denarau, are impeccable and beautiful little islands with golden shores and exotic flora such as palm trees. These islands offer some of the clearest seas you’re ever likely to see, coral reefs and plenty for tourists to do, as snorkelling and swimming are popular activities which you can arrange when you’re there. If you want to have an adventure and explore lots of different places as well as be a daredevil and participate in lots of activities, you can do that in Fiji, and if you just want to sit on a beach sipping a cold drink, the islands are just as well suited.

Traveling around can prove a little bit of a challenge, but it is made a lot easier by the seaplanes which are available. These seaplanes mean you can reach where you want to go to from centralized airports, and also mean that it is simple to see more than one island, and say you wanted to split your trip up, you could get a seaplane such as one from Turtle Airways from one island to another. Getting to remote islands is a bit of a challenge, but is made easier by these services, and is certainly worth it.

A trip to Fiji is definitely one that should be on the ‘bucket list’ and is somewhere well worth visiting at some point in your life, offering some of the most stunning views you’re likely to experience in your whole life.

Where Can I Find the Best Electric Scooters?


scooterAn electric scooter is a big investment, they’re not the cheapest items and unless you’ve got money to throw around, buying one is something you’re likely to give quite a lot of thought before you take the plunge, so how can you make sure the best electric scooter for you is the one you actually end up ordering or buying in person?

The first thing to consider is the fact that you should work out what you’re looking for, do you want speed? Reliability? Long battery life? A mix of all the best features? Also considering your size, and whether it is being bought for a kid or adult and how much weight is going to be handled on it. Do you want a self balancing scooter (some people call these hoverboards) or do you want something with a handle for added stability?

Looking at reviews online is a must. If you were going to buy a car, you’d want to know what other drivers of the car had said about it, and though this isn’t quite as big a purchase, the same principal applies, luckily there are reviewers out there who have tried a lot of models of electric scooter and can give a good overview of numerous models.

Deciding on a budget, comparing features and listening to the thoughts of others are essential before purchasing, and visiting the right websites, dedicated to this exact subject, can lead you to the correct choice when it comes to the world of electric scooters.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide

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rinjaniIndonesia is a truly stunning country, something of a gem in Asia with a huge variation of flora and fauna and a wonderful amount of scenery, including volcanoes and truly stunning sights such as this, mount Rinjani. The second highest volcano in Indonesia, it is now protected by a national park and the surroundings are among the best views in the whole of Asia. So no wonder then that people want to trek the volcano, the Mount Rinjani Trek has become one of the things on to do lists everywhere when people are holidaying or backpacking in Indonesia.

Of course, an active volcano is not an easy place to start trekking so it is important that you know what you are doing and have some experience beforehand, precautions need to be taken and the best way to do the trek is with a guide. The temperatures can vary greatly and it can even get very cold if you’re spending a night out in it. The hiking is best for those who are in shape but it can be a hugely fun experience, not to mention that once you reach the top it is one of the most peaceful and serene environments you’re ever likely to experience as well as having godly views. The experience can be verging on spiritual.

Be sure to check out the trekking guides and services before you go, this is not something to attempt without help, but having someone there to show you the way, help with food and drink etc. can be a great help!