Traveling to Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands, Fiji


sea-696731_640Fiji is one of the most stunning parts of the world. An archipelago of islands with over 300 islands in total, and over 100 of these are inhabited. The word ‘paradise’ is thrown around a bit too much when it comes to travel, but truly, some of these islands fit the bill. White beaches with beautiful sand and stunning cobalt seas, full of coral reefs and watersports to explore, this is an amazing place to visit should the opportunity ever arise. The fact that there are many different islands means there is always something new to visit, and each island tends to have its own villages and settlements with their own traditions, there is so much to learn about the way of life both now and historically in this collection of islands full of a rich and exciting history.

The glorious Yasawa Islands are some of the most stunning. This chain of around 20 ancient islands is remote, old fashioned and definitely offers a huge amount of culture. The islands are absolutely a standout amongst the most amazing districts of the Fijian islands. Forged years prior by volcanoes, the southern islands of Kuata and Waya Lailai are around 600 metres over sea level and offer some of the most stunning views, flora and fauna you’re likely to find.

A number of islands are home to customary small settlements and towns and it’s these individuals who make Fiji what it is. There are quite a few resorts around the islands, generally Fijian run, meaning authenticity is easy to find and the locals are known for being friendly and helpful.

The Mamanuca Islands, not far from Denarau, are impeccable and beautiful little islands with golden shores and exotic flora such as palm trees. These islands offer some of the clearest seas you’re ever likely to see, coral reefs and plenty for tourists to do, as snorkelling and swimming are popular activities which you can arrange when you’re there. If you want to have an adventure and explore lots of different places as well as be a daredevil and participate in lots of activities, you can do that in Fiji, and if you just want to sit on a beach sipping a cold drink, the islands are just as well suited.

Traveling around can prove a little bit of a challenge, but it is made a lot easier by the seaplanes which are available. These seaplanes mean you can reach where you want to go to from centralized airports, and also mean that it is simple to see more than one island, and say you wanted to split your trip up, you could get a seaplane such as one from Turtle Airways from one island to another. Getting to remote islands is a bit of a challenge, but is made easier by these services, and is certainly worth it.

A trip to Fiji is definitely one that should be on the ‘bucket list’ and is somewhere well worth visiting at some point in your life, offering some of the most stunning views you’re likely to experience in your whole life.

Where Can I Find the Best Electric Scooters?


scooterAn electric scooter is a big investment, they’re not the cheapest items and unless you’ve got money to throw around, buying one is something you’re likely to give quite a lot of thought before you take the plunge, so how can you make sure the best electric scooter for you is the one you actually end up ordering or buying in person?

The first thing to consider is the fact that you should work out what you’re looking for, do you want speed? Reliability? Long battery life? A mix of all the best features? Also considering your size, and whether it is being bought for a kid or adult and how much weight is going to be handled on it. Do you want a self balancing scooter (some people call these hoverboards) or do you want something with a handle for added stability?

Looking at reviews online is a must. If you were going to buy a car, you’d want to know what other drivers of the car had said about it, and though this isn’t quite as big a purchase, the same principal applies, luckily there are reviewers out there who have tried a lot of models of electric scooter and can give a good overview of numerous models.

Deciding on a budget, comparing features and listening to the thoughts of others are essential before purchasing, and visiting the right websites, dedicated to this exact subject, can lead you to the correct choice when it comes to the world of electric scooters.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Guide

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rinjaniIndonesia is a truly stunning country, something of a gem in Asia with a huge variation of flora and fauna and a wonderful amount of scenery, including volcanoes and truly stunning sights such as this, mount Rinjani. The second highest volcano in Indonesia, it is now protected by a national park and the surroundings are among the best views in the whole of Asia. So no wonder then that people want to trek the volcano, the Mount Rinjani Trek has become one of the things on to do lists everywhere when people are holidaying or backpacking in Indonesia.

Of course, an active volcano is not an easy place to start trekking so it is important that you know what you are doing and have some experience beforehand, precautions need to be taken and the best way to do the trek is with a guide. The temperatures can vary greatly and it can even get very cold if you’re spending a night out in it. The hiking is best for those who are in shape but it can be a hugely fun experience, not to mention that once you reach the top it is one of the most peaceful and serene environments you’re ever likely to experience as well as having godly views. The experience can be verging on spiritual.

Be sure to check out the trekking guides and services before you go, this is not something to attempt without help, but having someone there to show you the way, help with food and drink etc. can be a great help!

Why Hunting is a Good Hobby While Traveling

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animal-17760_640Are you considering taking up hunting as a hobby? Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest hobbies in the world, of course it comes from necessity but nowadays the hobby is more designed for adventure and sport as well as being a great way to see the world.

As someone who loves travel, the world of hunting can be tied in to your trips and some people even venture abroad in order to find hunting retreats and opportunities to hunt in new and exciting locations. The trips can even be a spiritual experience and particularly North America is renowned for its hunting community.

The hobby has benefits too, it can develop a character and teach skills such as patience and attention to detail as well as hand eye coordination and the incorporation of camping and even survival skills.

The hobby requires equipment, which you can find detailed reviews of over at one of our favorite sites, – a detailed website which includes hunting reviews and information as well as adventure and climbing which are often incorporated with this type of hobby.

Hunters are renowned for being passionate and skilled and the process of learning can be very good for people of different ages and genders, however you should always ensure you are practising the hobby legally and hunting only what is allowed. Organized hunting trips can be great for sticking to the regulations whilst enjoying the sights and traveling alongside your new found passion! Experienced hunters will tell you just how rewarding it can be.

Things to Consider When Moving Abroad (Or Traveling for Extended Times)


flightIt is easier than ever to travel abroad with cheap airline tickets and information at our fingertips, but there are a lot of things to consider, especially if you plan to move somewhere or just spend longer out there than a typical vacation.

Whether your are looking at staying in one fixed location or moving about different areas, you will require access to some sort of lodging whether a hotel or rented accommodation. How and where you discover this is totally subject to your needs and circumstances but airbnb is good to get you started, and there are lots of places online where you can look to find somewhere to stay.

In the event that you plan to move or spend long abroad, you will probably need to discover some sort of job to cover the living costs. Contingent upon the nation you are from and where you are heading out to, your capacity to work will differ, but applying for a visa is usually essential for this kind of thing and there is help out there to assist with applying for visas of different kinds and in different countries.

Learning the language – if you’re going to stay a long time in somewhere with a foreign language, learning at least the basics will help no end.

The culture change of moving abroad can be huge, and depending on what you’re used to, you may need to consider whether this will make you have second thoughts. If you’re certain that this exciting move is for you, the steps ahead will help you out.

Laos Caves – Some of Asia’s Travel Gems

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konglorAsia has long been, for tourists, one of the most interesting and beautiful areas on the planet for exploring, and though Laos is perhaps not the most high profile of the countries in Asia, it offers some truly beautiful sites, and in this article we are discussing the caves which can be found in various parts of the country. The mountainous nature of Laos makes for some really interesting geography and exciting places to explore. It doesn’t have a coastline, so beach holidays aren’t on offer here, but don’t let that put you off as the stunning landscapes more than make up for it.

Konglor Cave – this is an amazing cave in Laos which offers over 7 km of limestone tunnels to explore which can be done with local guides, the tourism industry has cottoned on and there are places to stay nearby which can help you with exploring this stunning area.

Tham Pa Fa – the Buddha cave – this is another brilliant place to visit, the buddha cave of course has cultural and spiritual meanings as well as being truly wonderful to look around.

Vieng Xai – this is one of the most interesting historically as it served as shelter during wars when the US were bombing Laos, this network of caves has become like an underground dwelling and has a fascinating history.

Laos is a beautiful country and there are so many reasons to visit, but the Caves truly stand out as some of the most stunning and interesting wonders to look at in South East Asia.

Stay Organized on the Go: Our Top Tips

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Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 02.15.13Whether you’re always on the go for work or you are perpetually traveling either for work or travel, here are some enabling on the go ideas that I have put together to help you staying organized. You don’t need me to tell you how important it can be, and how much easier life can be if you are organised.

Everything that is in your bags and laptop case which isn’t essential speaks volumes about choices that have not been made. If you don’t need something, ditch it.

Arrange as much as you can ahead of time.

A couple of minutes of arranging and arrangement can spare hours, not to mention the hassle of something going wrong. Think ahead and make decisions… What will you require? What issues may come up? What do you know now that you could get out of the way and take care of before it turns into an issue? This is good for peace of mind too

When traveling, Bring a little diary, journal or folio out and about. These diaries aren’t only to write memories in, they are an awesome approach to catch, store and show things you might need later. Think business cards, receipts from your meals, tickets, and so forth. You can likewise scribble down notes you’d like to recollect.

Getting the right luggage is key and traveling with suitable bags and cases can be hugely helpful, making sure you have a place for everything and even use portfolios not only designed to contain your devices such as laptops or iPads but also well designed with holders for documents and everything else you could need. We love the luggage, bags and folios which can be found at, great for business not only because they look good, but because the designs are so sensible and simple, plus they have variety so you can choose what suits you best.

It is important to get packing right too, especially if staying away from home.

  • Make a plan before you start. It doesn’t need to be excessive, yet a general framework of what you’ll need.
  • Roll your garments. You’ll fit a heck of a lot more stuff into your bag.
  • Bring additional plastic bag and you’ll be astounded at how frequently they prove to be useful
  • Decide what you’re wearing beforehand and avoid taking clothes which won’t be used.

Be sure to pack layered garments such as undershirts and outerwear. Odds are the temperature might change. You will need to shift your garments by how hot you are potentially a few times during the day. You may also need clothes for both business and leisure, so think ahead.

Keeping everything you need in an organized folder is a lifesaver, especially if you need things like travel documents. Organizers, bags and portfolios are amazing for business men and women, not only because of keeping life organized but lets face it, they look good, and give off the right image about being both in control and having a bit of style at the same time!

Finding Furnished Apartments in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is an amazing part of the world, both culturally and literally. As Australia becomes a more and more popular place to life, and Melbourne is one of its hotspots, a true hive of activity, property is in high demand. We’ve put together a few tips for finding long term apartments or a short term rental Melbourne

The shortest term rentals are normally a large chunk (at least half) of a year or more frequently one year (for a home)

Before you lease you should pay a deposit, this is usually demanded and generally equivalent to 4 weeks full rental, if the rental is AUD 1000 then you’re looking at a 4000 deposit, for example. There are websites out there also offering short term leases for vacations or longer trips to the area.

Organizing rental in Australia is moderately tough matter and you are emphatically encouraged to visit the rented condo/house in individual before agreeing to a lease arrangement. It requires some investment to a find reasonable spot, you should check the conditions and the local area.

You can find listings on noticeboards and newspapers, but realistically, the best places to find a home, housemates and look through listings is online, with websites such as the one mentioned above providing a great place to see exactly what is on offer and to filter and sort by prices, areas and more. Create a shortlist before heading to visit places and seeing the logistics of the deal and if it works out. You can also find out info such as price, facilities and even make enquiries.

Eric Shuman Travel Club


ibizaIf there is one devotion that he has made in his life, then it is tailoring exceptional pocket friendly holiday for every person.

With over twenty years’ experience in the travel industry, he has an incomparable love for holidays. He sold his Travel Club four years ago in the month of September, for close to forty million dollars to a closed investment company, this is from a report on his Travel Center

Originally from Philadelphia, he nursed the ambition of traveling globally since an early age. However, those that he narrated his ambitions to believed that traveling was exclusively for the wealthy, of which he always responded that he would do something about that as well.

Over a decade ago, he has launched, Travel Club offices in slightly above twenty cities across the country. From, Las Vegas, to Valencia in California.

If one has never heard of Travel Club, they shouldn’t get worried, it’s a current ideology, though it’s over ten years old. Many folks may have never come across it, because Travel Clubs advertisements are never in the mainstream media. What they do instead, is inviting married partners to visit them for an hour and half of presentation and in return they compensate them for their time, through offering them some traveling present”.

He says that they make use of the traveling presents though they come hand in hand with strict rules to be adhered to, and not everybody likes them. One would not just present themselves and get an air ticket for two to go whenever they please. It used to happen before, but not after the September 11 terrorist attack in America. People could easily earn entrance to movies, or even get a TV, however, the main goal is the attraction of holiday enthusiasts.

Many shoddy travel businesses have spoilt the reputation of the industry, his goal is changing this dimension by demonstrating to people that there is a possibility to manage a legit Travel Club. Claiming that timeshare has not had it smooth with all its clients, he thinks that Travel Club will be in its position in the coming times, by keeping their pros and getting rid of all cons.

His Travel Club Destination Vacations International, enjoys over one hundred thousand membership, who are awarded on full traveling apart from air tickets. The airways have high competition, with a smaller margin, therefore, saving is less. He said that they are a full service travel agent, who will do all the research, book one in an extraordinary holiday, and make huge monetary savings in the process. He likes to think that they were professionals, and that they would all look up to it with respect. However, everybody thinks they can do it themselves, on the internet. Unfortunately, they end up with lousy vacations, spending way too much on their accommodations, and have no money left over to have fun, go out to nice restaurants, and buy something to enjoy for the memory of the trip. This he said is not what their members have, his are spoiled, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

He believes that a good number of children get older without ever taking a holiday. The reason being that it’s beyond many people’s ability. He said that some of his best memories in life were those where he went for a holiday with his parents. He will always treasure them in his mind long as he is alive. Yet, he hears many people saying that they have quit going on holiday, calling it an unaffordable luxury. With him, he sees things differently, for the mentality resulted to him thinking of something to do over the issue.

Joining a DVI travel club, calls for membership entry payment, and some other charges for registration which is paid once, finally, there is a yearly payment. This results into one getting a service travel agent, where one can book all their travels at a price. DVI helps with hotel, cruising, all-included, and all that pertains to the travel industry.

Smiling, he says that he does his selling for kicks. He thinks that it is vital for families to enjoy some good time together. He does not see any single person who does not like taking a holiday, those that claim that vacations are out of reach financially, would still want to go for one if it’s paid for. Well, for him,it is his time to enjoy himself, go round the globe, and have time with his allies and family. For him it was a great run, but currently, it is time to go forward.

Once one becomes a DVI Member, their membership is not affected, they will still go ahead with being owners, keep the name, and stay, because most of those working there rarely go elsewhere, they remain with the company.

Benefits of Go Karts for Kids (and Safety Measures)


gokart-1080505_640Go karting has become a popular sport and pastime that numerous individuals these days are appreciating as a leisure activity or even in extreme cases as a profession. It is not as tough to start in as other dashing auto sports since it is more simple than auto racing such as F1. Needless to say, numerous youngsters who have fun in racing start with Go karting before moving towards higher sorts of engine based sports and activities.

For amateurs in the business, Go karting as an indoor or outside game is unquestionably a good approach to begin with. On the assumption that security measures are appropriately taken, there is not a huge danger of something bad happening. Subsequently, it is a decent route for you and your children to start out and learn the energy of Go karts without worrying about them too much.

As different activities and sports help us create abilities, for example, sportsmanship and passion, Go karting is the same. It is a road for the youngster to learn and grow reflexes, close control, and even skills like leadership and decision making.

Wellbeing is the most vital thing that guardians consider with regards to their youngsters, when buying their kids go kart or when starting in the sport. With the pace that Go karts do have, certain measures ought to be taken with much regard for keeping a strategic distance from the danger it can bring about particularly with kids who are just getting started in it.