High ACT Scores: Need-to-Know Tips and Strategies

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High ACT Scores: Need-to-Know Tips and Strategies

General methods for the ACT

Relax the before the test night

Don’t cram. You might be being tested on knowledge which you have accumulated during the period of the season. And over the past few months especially, you’ve been taking ACT prep. Their studies at the last minute will only stress you out for very limited gain. Go to a movie or hang out with a friend — almost anything to ensure you get your mind off the test!

Depend on the strategies you’ve learned through ACT test prep

The ACT help you’ve gotten in the last few months has included a wide range of specific strategies that are going to increase your score during ACT testing. Don’t let them slip the mind. Stick to the advice and methods which you’ve picked up during preparation. As you go — but be sure not to stress yourself out by doing this (see the above tip) if you need a quick refresher, try running through the free ACT practice test available here at Peterson’s, keeping those strategies in mind!

Test Specific methods for high scores that are ACT

When searching for sentence errors, begin by reading the sentence or paragraph carefully, listening in your head; usually the word or phrase which has a mistake will sound wrong. If no errors pop up, look for the four most typical types of errors:

  • Errors within the relationship involving the verb as well as its subject
  • Pronoun errors
  • Sentence structure errors
  • Awkwardness, verbosity, and incorrect utilization of idioms


As soon as you find the appropriate answer, mark it and move on — there are no ”degrees of rightness” to be considered. Continue reading “High ACT Scores: Need-to-Know Tips and Strategies”