Why Get Married in the Caribbean


weddingCaribbean weddings are the stuff of fairytales. Whether you live in America, Europe or elsewhere. There are pros and cons to any type of wedding and a destination wedding to the caribbean is no exception, so in this article we’re looking at some of the benefits of heading to the Dominican Republic or one of its neighbors in the search for the wedding of your dreams.

The wedding ceremony itself can be like something from a film if you go to the Caribbean, picture the beach wedding ceremony from the movies, with clear blue skies and blazing sunshine. Because so many people opt for this kind of wedding, there are lots of companies out there helping with wedding planning in the Dominican Republic for instance. They can help you get everything in place for the wedding ceremony and even things like referring photographers.

The only downside I can easily think of is getting people there, and it may be tough for some people to head to another country to attend a wedding, but that said, it is much easier to persuade people when they find out they’re going somewhere tropical.

There is a hurricane season, and this is best avoided, but the companies who help with planning can usually help you with your booking to make sure you don’t end up with a washout.

Lets face it if you go to the Caribbean you’re also pretty much already in your honeymoon destination too, so you can kill two birds with one stone and head to the amazing resorts afterwards.

How Machu Picchu Can Be a Once in a Lifetime Trip


machu-pichu-1531780_640Machu Picchu is a landmark that most of us are familiar with in one way or another. Archaeologists are pretty much agreed that it was built for an ancient Inca emperor in the 1400s and has been referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas”. It was actually abandoned about 100 years after being built and shows an amazing part of the past in this amazing South American region.

Visiting Machu Picchu can be a really rewarding and almost spiritual experience for some, and getting your Machu Picchu Tickets should be done with a company who can help you to plan your trip as you will be at a high climate, in an area where it can be tough to reach, and having a tour operator help with your trip is vital.

Once you have made it up to Machu Picchu, the views are breathtaking, and it shows a glimpse of what the world looked like in a totally different culture, hundreds of years ago. At 8000 feet above sea level the views are always going to be pretty spectacular, but in a humbling and amazing setting such as this you will truly experience something that is once in a lifetime.

If you are ambitious, you can take the inca trail with guides and experience an even more amazing and authentic way to reach Machu Picchu. Either way, the amount of people visiting is limited and you need to book well in advance. There is a reason this was voted one of the seven new wonders of the world and is well worth a visit.

Facts About Javea, Spain


screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-00-48-15Javea is an amazing place to live, along the costa blanca in Spain, it offers an amazing history, a thriving tourism industry and lots of expats and Spanish locals choosing to move there. Plenty of companies such as http://www.inmobiliariajavea.es/ are able to help you to relocate to the Town if you are planning on a longer stay, and can show some of the most amazing properties available in the area.

  • Javea is situated 4,300 km north of the equator and is warm, though not scorchingly hot, most of the year.
  • It is around 80km from both Alicante and Valencia airports and can be easily reached from either.
  • It has been inhabited since prehistoric times with cave dwellers reportedly living in nearby mountain ranges.
  • A port in Javea was used a lot by the Roman empire and it is the oldest port known to have been used by the Romans along this coast of Spain.
  • The amazing harbour has a history dating all the way back to the 1500s.
  • The town is home to 33,149 people and a large percentage of these are expats with a thriving community of people who have moved from elsewhere in Europe and beyond.
  • Known by the locals as Xàbia.

As you can see from the above, this is a really interesting town and coast, and there is lots to see and do, be it modern or historical! You can kick back and relax by the beach or explore nearby mountains and historical sites, depending on what you’re interested in. Moving to Javea is something many people dream of and there are many experts out there who can help.

Simple Guide to Costa Blanca


screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-00-31-32Today we’re providing a brief guide to the Costa Blanca, a holiday destination in Spain, the “white coast”, so called because of its beautiful beaches, can be brilliant for a short break or a longer stay.

The Costa Blanca has warm temperatures for most of the year, and stays temperate without reaching the humidity of some of the southern coasts and other Mediterranean countries.

There is so much to see along the costa blanca with over 100 km of beaches and some beautiful mountains to explore, great for climbing or simply marvelling at from afar.

Towns such as Benidorm are known for having a lot of British people and other expats either living in them or visiting regularly. Other towns and cities along the coast have a lot to offer and there are some great costa blanca property deals out there for those who want to live in Spain or relocate to the coast.

The area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe, and there is always plenty to do on the coast, whether you want to explore historical monuments, go on nature walks or just soak up the suns rays in a luxury hotel. Served by numerous airports, Spain is easy to travel around and hiring a car and heading along the coastline is one of the best ways to experience everything that is on offer at your own pace, you won’t be short of activities or places to stay in a bustling hive of activity.

Property Abroad: Find it Yourself or Hire the Pros?


flightWhen you’re looking for property, it can be very stressful, even if you’re looking for somewhere just down the street, but if you want somewhere that is in another country, the process can become very difficult and very stressful.

Looking for property abroad is great fun, especially with a view to buying it, but lets be honest, besides looking at the fun photos, checking things like the floor plans, whether it is still available, in a good area and the terms of the property purchase can become a bit of a chore. On top of that, there isn’t just one site to go to in order to find the best property for your needs and you need to be willing to scour a few different places to find options.

With all that in mind, it may be the best bet to hire a local property expert. As well as knowing where to look in whichever area you’re planning to move to, they will know the process of moving to that place, and what it takes in terms of paperwork and legalities.

The very best property experts are also able to help with negotiations, which can vary so much from country to country. The money they can potentially save you can mean there service virtually pays for itself. The process is simple, you’ll usually set out the criteria for your desired house and let them bring you back options to look through and hopefully, fall in love with.

Buying property is never the easiest thing to do and it is one of the main decisions we make in our lives, so be sure not to skimp and to get all the help you need.

Promoting Your Watersports Business


wind-surfing-1620354_640If you love the world of travel and the great outdoors, the chances are running a watersports business is a dream come true. In holiday resorts and on beaches, as well as other establishments such as water parks, there are lots of different watersport businesses you can start, from jetskis to paddleboarding to underwater photography.

In a holiday resort and coastal venue then there are ways to spread the word. Plenty of holidaymakers will love to take part but it is very important to spread the word. In the modern age of the internet, having some good branding and a watersports website clearly displaying what you offer is vital, but some of the tried and tested travel and tourism marketing methods such as forming relationships in the local communities (offers with hotels locally can be great for watersports) still work well.

The truth is most people running watersports businesses are doing so out of a love of sports and surfing waves, and a lot of the marketing can be tough. It helps if you have someone doing it with you or for you such as a watersports advertising and marketing agency helping can take a lot of the strain away. As well as freeing up your time to be doing what you love instead of worrying about getting the word out there, a specialized agency such as the one mentioned above will know all of the tricks and tips to get the word out there, and will have learned by working with other brands. Their slogan is “Blasting Profits into Your Watersports Business – It’s All We Do!” and working with a true specialist niche marketing company such as this can have some huge benefits for your business.

The Best Places to Find Travel Inspiration

Blog, Travel

luggage-1149289_640It is that time of year where everyone starts to think about their holidays, and plan what is in store for the year ahead, but it can be tough to know where to get ideas for your next trip. In the modern age, there are plenty of places you can turn to online to look for travel inspiration and see what amazing vacations are on offer, whichever continent, country or state you wish to explore.

Friends – One of the best ways to find out if a trip is worth taking is to talk to friends who are well traveled, who may not only have recommendations on locations but on everything from the best hotels to the best activities.

Websites – there are a lot of websites and blogs out there focused on the travel niche, such as this one! Unique travel worldwide is a great place to find tips on the best places to visit and a unique view of traveling, as well as some deals and tips on how to travel smart.

Instagram – I love looking for travel inspiration on Instagram as it is so visual Of course, we all want to see the amazing hotels and beaches as well as restaurants and activities we can take part in when we go on our holidays. If you have somewhere in mind, searching for the hash tag (E.G #Kauai on Instagram) can bring you a load of recent images people have taken in the area and can help you decide if it is your dream holiday.

Reasons to Move to Thailand


thaiMoving from country to country is easier than ever in the modern age, and many of the challenges and uncertainty that a move would once have had, have been taken away by technological advancements and the internet. Thailand is very popular with expats and more and more people move to the Asian country each year, so what are some of the benefits of moving to Thailand?

The cost of living is one thing that jumps out as being a big benefit, if you’re used to living a country where the cost of living is higher you’ll notice the difference straight away. If your income can somehow come with you (if you can work remotely) then you can live like a relative king if you are moving from Japan, America or many parts of Europe.

The climate in Thailand is beautiful and very temperate meaning you have tropical jungle settings and a lot of great beaches to hang out, many of which are known to be party destinations, but there are plenty of quiet beaches too if you just want somewhere chilled out.

Thailand is well connected and transport is pretty good, taxis are relatively cheap and there are a lot of buses and trains to get around as well as numerous airports, from where you can head to a lot of different parts of the continent and beyond. It is no wonder Thailand is a really great option for so many expats or those wanting to change their life completely.

Destination wedding in Dominican Republic


22Most of us think about our wedding for years in advance of when it happens, and in some cases dream of what our ideal wedding day will look like from when we’re children. More and more people are opting for destination weddings and while some are still happy with the local church, it is easy to see why a wedding in the Dominican Republic is such an appealing choice.

If you live in a part of the world where the weather is grey and grim, or just generally unreliable, planning a wedding can be very difficult, especially if the weather is going to play a part in your ceremony. The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate and if you plan with the seasons the weather is pretty reliable. On top of this, the surroundings are simply stunning, there is a reason why the caribbean is always top of the list for travel and holiday destinations, and the amazing tourist destination has become very popular for a luxury beach wedding or other destination wedding. The picturebook beach wedding or reception can be yours if you elope to punta cana or anywhere else in the Dominican republic. Some people even travel to the country as a couple to get married with or without their families, as it can be tough to fly a lot of people out to the country.

In the modern age, getting around the globe is simpler than it has ever been before, and wedding destinations certainly don’t have to be in your home country. Why not consider the caribbean for a beautiful wedding to remember.

Reasons to Visit Jerusalem


jerusalemJerusalem is a city known all around the world, its religious background means that it is truly iconic for a lot of reasons, but while you may think of this as an ancient part of the world, it has inevitably been modernized and has some beautiful architecture and great places to hang out, as well as modern areas such as shopping centers, but this city has truly kept its authenticity.

If you are religious, or even if you are interested in history, there are so many places to visit with religious connotations and the trips people take to Jerusalem can end up being quite spiritual and fuel the fire for historians and photographers to take pictures of some of the amazing historical areas such as where Jesus was crucified or where the prophet muhammad ascended.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t religious, Jerusalem is still an amazing area, split into an old town and new town area, in the old town there are some amazing churches and ancient architecture, and in the modern area there is more what you would expect from a modern city with everything you need, some very fancy restaurants (food is intriguing due to the geographical setting of Jerusalem), amazing shops to explore and much more. The city has been brought into the 21st century so you can get the best of both worlds.

There is so much that it is impossible to go through in one short article, and there are whole websites dedicated to what Jerusalem has to offer such as this Jerusalem Visitor Guide which shows all of the best areas, things to do and amazing history of the city.