Visiting the Statue of Liberty


libertyWhen you’re in New York, especially if it is your first time, visiting the statue of liberty is an absolute must. This is arguably the most widely recognized landmark in the whole world, and its iconic status and truly stunning size and scale mean it is well worth seeing in person.

Originally a gift to the USA from the people of France, the statue is well over 100 years old now, and when you see the shear size of it, it can be hard to believe it was first built in the 1800s.

If you’re in the fine city of New York and you want to hop over to see the statue, there are a few different options for visiting. You need to get a ferry over, which does command a fee, and if you want to visit on foot then you are likely to be queuing for a while to get there, especially in peak seasons.

The easiest way to see it is a boat cruise. Some of these are even included within NYC guided bus tours which mean you can see so many of the sights all in one day, from a comfortable environment and without having to deal with finding directions and endless walking around! Are the boat cruises as good? I would say so, they can bring you to within a few feet of the statue and help you to avoid the queues and tons of tourists, great if you want to see the sights but not to battle with lots of annoying hold ups.

Finding Ski Schools in Japan


skiWhen you think about skiing, you may think about some of the European or American locations that offer skiing trips and tuition, but one of the fastest growing, and most beautiful countries to learn to ski is Japan. The Japanese have some of the most incredible mounts and peaks in the whole world, and a number of ski schools have cropped up offering to teach everyone from children to pensioners, beginners to pros.

Propeak ski school is one such example, offering ski schools which can accommodate for all sorts of ages and abilities as well as nationalities, there are lots of languages spoken in Asia and of course by the people who visit, so the tutors are multi lingual and can help out. The Niseko mountain range is one of the most stunning in Japan, and even all of asia. A quick look at their website will show that loads of people have visited the mountains and had an amazing experience, whether it is their first ski trip or they’re seasoned skiers.

Going skiing in Japan is an excellent option, and though there are many different schools and places to visit, it depends what your individual needs are and potentially which part of Japan you want to visit, with Propeak being on the Northern island. The ski school is an amazing way to not only learn the ropes but can also be one of the most stunning photo opportunities you will come across and you can wow people with photos of mountains in the background while you take to the slopes.

Magnificent DC Sites at Night


washington-dc-85531_640DC is one of the many places in the USA that doesn’t seem to sleep! In Washington or elsewhere, there is so much to see and do at almost any time of the day. If you’re a nocturnal animal or just want to make the most of the hours you’re spending in Washington or elsewhere in DC, you’re in luck, there’s plenty for you to see and do.

Of course, we need to mention the many monuments and statues in the city of Washington. They’re truly breathtaking to see, and kept by the local authorities, so their upkeep is always in good order, they’re even lit up at night and make a more striking impression than during the day! You can see the Lincoln memorial, Jefferson memorial, and of course the Washington monument and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Washington being the capital also means you can check out the white house which is always quite an impressive sight by night.

There’s plenty more to see in this state, and much of it is steeped in history, there are iconic historical streets which have previously acted as suburbs for different cultures within the city, and taking in a bus tour or other guided tour can be an amazing way to make sure you see it all and don’t miss anything. If you can do this in the evening all the better, as public transport and walking may get more challenging. Ensuring you take in all that DC has to offer is a must when you’re visiting one of the most iconic parts of America.

Fall Foliage Brings a Different Look to NYC


central-park-1046220_640New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world. There aren’t many places in the world that people know as well as New York, with its iconic skyline, attractions and more. We’ve all seen New York hundreds of times on the television even if we’ve not been lucky enough to visit, but visiting is something you definitely should do if you get the opportunity, and fall is a perfect season to see what it has to offer.

New York really feels the seasons, hot in summer, cold in winter, and you can really embrace and make the most of each season. Fall sees a different look and feel to the city as the winter coats start to creep out and of course the leaves start to change. One of the most incredible sights New York has to offer, central park, is a sight to behold as the autumnal colors grip the city.

Oktoberfest is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this in Central park and the city really goes crazy for it. As Halloween approaches too, one of the best holidays can be incredible in a city that really embraces it. America is amazing for Halloween and where better to experience it all than the big apple?

The city has a lot to offer all year round, but there is something magical about the feel of fall which can really grip you as you take a tour or walk around the streets and visit the parks and memorials of NYC. A perfect time to visit.

Finding the Top Outdoor Gear Reviews


animal-17760_640Outdoor gear is a huge part of traveling. Whether you are into survival, hiking, backpacking or just normal holiday making, the chances are at some stage you’re going to need some good quality outdoor gear, this could be anything from a good pair of walking boots to a pocket knife to equipment for camping. There are so many hobbies and pastimes involved with the outdoors, whether you’re into kayaking, camping or adventure holidays, but you need quality gear you can rely on.

Fortunately, in the age of the internet there are a huge amount of ways to get information and you can find reviews for gear all over the place, from professionals and from amateurs and consumers who have bought the product.

Hiking and Backpacking Gear is one of the huge categories within, and when you’re going on a trip which requires either, you really can’t mess around with the equipment. It is nothing short of essential that you buy something you can rely on, nobody wants to be out on a hiking trip with shoddy gear that is going to break when you need it most, and sometimes this can be of utmost importance and even be the difference between a good time and a torrid time.

When looking for reviews, you need to look for a brand you can trust, a high build quality in the product, and be sure to look to more than one source for the reviews to make sure you take in multiple opinions. Taking a little time before buying can save a lot of hassle in the long run.

How to Travel like a Local for Your Next Vacation


thaiIn the modern age, traveling to places you may never have thought of going is possible, and planning can be done online to a degree never possible years ago. As technology continues to grow, new and exciting ways to plan your trip keep cropping up, and we wanted to show one of them here today, a website designed to help you travel like a local no matter where you are headed…

People can spend all of the guide books they like or go straight to a tour operator, and this is fine, but don’t expect to have a unique travel experience doing so, as largely the same ‘package deal’ will be the one you end up with. If you want to live like the locals and discover new and exciting places off the beaten path, this is for you.

U2guide is a website designed to help you have the most amazing trip possible and experience the city or area you’re going to like the locals. A load of guides or travel ‘insiders’ share information on local areas and the places you can head to for the best experiences possible, from food to adventures, sports to sightseeing. The site is so easy to navigate, just put in a location and you’ll be shown lots of local things to do, as well as a map and the opportunity to message organizations.

This sort of site is sure to revlutionize the way we travel, and means that the stereotypical home-from-home beach holiday can become something much more exciting.

Washington, DC — Sightseeing Paradise?


washington-747733_640Washington, DC is a stunning and wonderful city. When you see America in films and television shows, so much of the time you’ll see California or New York, meaning this amazing city, the country’s capital, can be overlooked, but it really shouldn’t be.

Those of us who are into history have so much to explore here in Washington. Of course the presidential history of the city is huge and the Lincoln Memorial is visited around 6 million times a year. Many of the museums stay free of charge to visit, and even if you don’t go inside a lot of the buildings are very impressive. Whether you want to go to the history museum or the art museum, there is something for everyone.

Architecture is very impressive in the city and has a European influence. The Washington Monument is the tallest building in the city and one of the most iconic sights to visit, and of course lets not forget about the white house. Many of the lesser known buildings are also stunningly built and provide a lot of eye candy.

There is more in the city for sports fans, shoppers and the arts, and what better place to see it all than in a guided bus tour. The advantage of a bus tour is that you can take it all in, and see much more than on foot, and of course having experienced guides who know the city well means nothing gets left behind! The climate controlled comfy bus seats are the best way to see the city.

Weddings in the Dominican Republic


dominican-republic-780382_640For many, getting married in a tropical location is a thing of fairytales, people all around the world are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate their special day, and a wedding in the Dominican Republic could be the perfect solution, and provide a day to remember for you, your partner and of course all of your guests.

In places like Punta Canta, there are some truly luxurious wedding destinations, you can get married at an amazing luxurious venue of opt for a beach wedding. Beach weddings are what many brides and grooms dream of, and can be a spectacular sight and make for spectacular wedding photos. The Dominican Republic offers some unbelievably beautiful beaches which are truly tropical and great for weddings to take place.

The culture in the Dominican Republic is also fascinating as numerous invading countries in the past have left their mark on the culture and the way life is lived. This is also a great Honeymoon destination so really there is no need to go elsewhere afterwards! Or, of course you can hop around the nearby islands.

Another huge plus point is the beautiful weather. Not all of us want to get married in the cold and icy climates of the world, and a picturesque wedding deserves clear skies and roasting heat, which is exactly what this country can provide.

Ensure that you have everything you need including the documents required before you head out for your marriage in the republic to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Why NYC Visitors are Helplessly Drawn to Times Square


new-york-city-879283_640The image of Times Square is one that a huge amount of the world is familiar with, the towering buildings and bright lights, the advertising and iconic stores. Why is it that visitors to New York find themselves drawn to this area?

It is true that when you’re in Times Square, you feel like you are in the center of New York, which some see as the world’s ‘capital city’, and the amazing sights are iconic. Living in the western world, we grow up with movies and television shows featuring the area, and the chances are we’ve seen it dozens of times on video before we visit, and feel like we know the area already.

If you go on the best NYC bus tours out there, it is likely that the tour will culminate in, or at least feature the area, and allow you to fully take in the hustle and bustle.

Times square isn’t just an attraction because of how it looks and the fact that we can finally see the buildings, there is so much to do, with amazing restaurants, iconic stores and activities and even shows that are totally unique to New York, you can sit in one of the bars, eat at some of the famous restaurants, do a bit of shopping or just take in the sights.

If you get the chance, visiting new york is definitely something we recommend, and once you are there, visiting times square is obligatory, and a memory that will stay with you forever.

The Joys of Living in Marbella


sunset-1283021_640Numerous individuals long for the chance to live in Marbella or in a spot where life is less frantic, there is a lot to do but things can be done at your own pace. There are so many things to do in Marbella and the sun is warm on our backs. Marbella and the well renowned Costa del Sol offer this inside a simple flight to Spain from most of the EU. Beachfront properties remain exceptionally looked for on the Costa del Sol and a truly great shoreline and party life is there ready for the individuals who are going to make their fantasies of living in Marbella a dream which comes true.

Advantages of living in Marbella

There are numerous advantages from buying a property in one of the many areas of Marbella and living by the ocean. Some incredible Benahavis villas for sale are a way to surround yourself with life and scenery.

The Costa del Sol has so much to offer from cheap everyday shops to designer brands. Huge strip malls are exceptionally well known with people coming from all around the world and you can discover loads of brands there. Some people worry about shopping when they move abroad but its not needed for those coming here.

Gibraltar is not far and they even offer a british grocery store if you’re from the UK and crave it. It used to be entirely regular for individuals living in Marbella to drive to Morrisons for expat products yet it’s not that important nowadays since you can discover all that you require nearer to home, so you wont go without home comforts.

One of the best advantages of purchasing a property available to be purchased in Marbella Spain and settling here is that there are always tourists and things aimed at tourists, which means things to do! For example, in Marbella there are many amazing eateries, there are safaris and even zoological parks, water parks and loads of fun and games for people of all ages.

The Marbella climate

The beach front in the area is beautiful as the air comes from Africa and the coastal breeze makes things comfortable. Summer is wonderful and sunny almost without fail. The winters are cool however not likely to become iced up or uncomfortable. While there are stormy seasons a great deal of downpour falls while you’re asleep!

The beach

Being by the coast is a huge advantage of living somewhere like this and nature is on the doorstep.

Families play together more and partners can appreciate some chilled afternoons together relaxing on the beach or in the bars around. Swimming in the sea can be really good for you and of course being in the sun is an amazing feeling.

There is nothing better for recharging the batteries and chilling out than the sound of the sea and it’s truly invigorating to snooze on your towel on the beach!

There are so many great reasons why Spain, and particularly areas like Marbella and Benahavis are so good for settling down.